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Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

These Rainbow Hair Color Ideas Are So Freaking Pretty!

Rainbow hair is as stunning as a rainbow in the sky. Instead of wearing one color, you wear all seven colors of the rainbow on your hair. Doesn’t that sound fun to you? It doesn’t have to be a certain set of colors. Want to do rainbow hair? Choose dashing purple, blooming blue, gorgeous green or a spicy red even! It’s all about how vibrant you want the hair color to look.

Achieve a Rainbow Hair Color Look!

Unless your natural hair color is of a lighter tone, you have to pre-lighten your hair before applying a semi-permanent hair color. Since Indian hair is mostly learning towards rich black hair color, bleaching is a must. All the newbies out there, FYI, bleaching can cause hair damage; that's why our hair colorist recommends using Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color with Hair Bond Tech Hyaplex for repairing the hair bonds as you color the strands. It is damage-proof. Just in case you have another hair color in hand and you have to work with it, you can grab Color Buddy from Anveya. It basically should be mixed with your hair color or bleach, in order to rule out damage entirely!

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These Rainbow Hair Color Ideas Are Truly Worth The Hype!

If you choose an intense, bold hair color or wish to go subtle, these latest rainbow hair color ideas are the coolest way to have a unique hairstyle. If you don’t wish to dunk your whole hair into the bleach, you can go for rainbow highlights, for minimal hair damage! Check out these unique rainbow hair color ideas to fuel your imagination.

1. Romantic Pastels

Romantic Pastels

Source : Pinterest

Rainbow hair color does not always have to be bright and eye-catching. For all the delicate darlings, these lovely pastels are for you, as it gives an elegant look. It includes all three major shades of the rainbow. The Pastel rainbow trend will not go away any time soon.

2. Hidden Rainbow Hair

Hidden Rainbow Hair

Source : Pinterest

Try a hidden rainbow for a unique take on rainbow hair. The top section of your hair can have its natural hair color and rainbow streaks in the lower part. The hidden rainbow will be only visible if your hair is in an up-do or a half-up-half-down style. You can also see subtle rainbow flashes when you let your hair down.

3. Rainbow Balayage

Rainbow Balayage

Source : Pinterest

This rainbow balayage is so stunning with its rainbow streaks on dark brown or black locks. This ultra-dark base color creates a stunning contrast with rainbow hair.

4. Violet To Rainbow Ombre

Violet To Rainbow Ombre

Source : Pinterest

This pick is a real standout in a crowd. It starts with a violet base color and then cascades into neon rainbow colors.

5. Rainbow Pixie

Violet To Rainbow Ombre

Source : Pinterest

You can choose vibrant hair colors such as orange, yellow and brown for rainbow hair color. This rainbow hair color is sure to give you a perfect keel-billed toucan look. You can go for this rainbow hair color if you love the tropical bird's beak color scheme.

6. Bold Red & Yellow Balayage

Bold Red & Yellow Balayage

Source : Pinterest

You can sport a bold and vibrant look by creating a balayage with just two shades, i.e., Madrid Red and Cairo Yellow. This hair color style is sure to turn some heads.

7. Neon Rainbow Look

Neon Rainbow Look

Source : Pinterest

You can choose neon shades if you want to look shimmering and glittery this summer. Our Neon Green, Cairo Yellow, and Valencian Orange are some juicy hair colors used to create rainbow hair.

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8. Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow Ombre

Source : Pinterest

If you want to use all the rainbow colors in one look, then rainbow ombre is for you. You can make your hair look spectacular with the rainbow color on loose messy waves.

9. Hidden Rainbow Face Frame

Hidden Rainbow Face Frame

Source : Pinterest

You can opt for hidden rainbow face framing if you want to conceal your rainbow hair. The lower layer of the hair framing your face is colored in rainbow shades. When you pull back your hair, the rainbow hair color pops up.

10. Long Rainbow Hair

Long Rainbow Hair

Source : Pinterest

To attain this look, you will require a large amount of rainbow hair color and ofc, the hair coloring process may also take longer. It's amazing how the colors are blended, and there is so much variation. If you have the right skills and patience, you can create some beautiful, classic long rainbow hairstyles that will surely make you the center of attraction.

11. Mermaid Blue and Green Waves

Mermaid Blue and Green Waves

Source : Pinterest

This blue-green mermaid-inspired hairstyle is an elegant way to add vibrant colors to your hair.
This look has a deep shade of blue at the roots, which transitions to a vibrant green towards the
end, creating an ocean-inspired look.

12. Rainbow Tips

Rainbow Tips

Source : Pinterest

Our LA Pink on the upper half of your strands and the rainbow tips will surely give
goosebumps to the onlookers. This deadly color combination is like exploding colorful confetti.

13. Teal Purple Pink Rainbow Hair

Teal Purple Pink Rainbow Hair

Source : Pinterest

Steal the deal with our Havana Teal hair color as the base color and compliment it with streaks of purple and pink. With teal, purple, yellow, pink and red on the color wheel, you are surely in for some passing compliments.

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Rainbow hair can be an excellent way to show off your personality and creativity. There's a rainbow hair color for everyone, whether you prefer subtle pastels or bold, vibrant hues. All you need is the confidence to ace the look. Whether you opt for highlights, balayage, ombre or another technique, the possibilities are endless. So why not take a plunge and try out one of these amazing rainbow hair color ideas?

Frequently Answered Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Hair Dyed Rainbow?

It depends on various factors, such as the length of your hair and the condition and color of your hair. You need to check the price of the rainbow hair color with your hair colorist before you plan to get your hair dyed rainbow.

2. What Are The Best Hair Coloring Products?

The best coloring products for rainbow hair will depend on your budget and the end result you are looking for. If you do not wish to go for a long-term commitment, then hair color sprays or temporary hair color creams are the best options that get washed away immediately. If you are looking for long-lasting hair color, then semi-permanent hair color can be your best bet.

3. How To Protect Hair Color From Fading Quickly?

Aftercare of colored hair is essential to prevent the hair color from fading quickly. Use a color-protectant shampoo and conditioner, limit the use of styling tools, and sun-protect your hair.

4. How Do I Get Rid Of Rainbow Hair?

If you are using semi-permanent hair color for men and women or global hair color then you need to use color-remover haircare products to get rid of the rainbow hair, else you can let the color fade on its own. Hot oil massage and clarifying shampoo can help you with this to a great extent.




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