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Bleaching Hair

Bleaching Will Not Damage Your Hair Anymore!

Any at-home hair coloring enthusiast would know how painful it is to stand clutching your beach blonde bleached hair that is brittle and straw-like, severely lacking in luster and shine, riddled with split ends, frizzy, and extremely tangled. Forgive us for invoking a traumatic core memory of a botched hair-bleaching attempt, but it is no secret that bleaching wreaks havoc on your hair. That does not mean you shouldn’t use it at all because, after all, bleaching your hair is the best way to remove the color from your hair before coloring or dyeing it!

Damaged hair

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This is because bleaching weakens the outer layer of your hair by stripping down its natural proteins, thus lifting the cuticle and causing hair breakage, dryness, and split ends. But have you ever wished for a fix that would allow you to bleach your hair without damaging it? If so, then your wishes have been answered! We bring to you ThriveCo’s Color Buddy, an Instant solution to combat damage from hair dyeing!

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So, What Is Color Buddy? And How Does It Work?


Review Shared By Rishita

"I have been coloring my hair since I was 17 , its pretty damaged. My hair stylist told me not to use color anymore. However Color Buddy was a game changer."

ThriveCo’s Color Buddy is a ‘take home’ companion for your hair color! It is a simple two-step process that needs to be included in your hair dyeing or hair coloring process to reverse hair damage. Color Buddy is made with 3rd Generation Bonding Building Tech HYAPLEX™ which fixes your hair from within and seals the outer layer of your hair, thus protecting it from further damage.

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As we mentioned, Color Buddy is a two-step process:

1. The Mix: Concentrate

  • The mix works at a molecular level to mitigate damage
  • It penetrates the shaft of the hair, along with your hair color
  • It rebuilds the hair bonds that have been damaged due to bleaching

2. The Fix: Leave-In-Serum

  • This keeps the hair cuticles sealed.
  • Shields hair from further damage
  • Protects your hair from thermal and environmental damage

How Do I Use Color Buddy?

Process 1: The Mix

  1. Mix the concentrate with the pre-mixed dye or bleach
  2. Apply it as usual and leave it on for the recommended time period
  3. Rinse it off with mild shampoo

Process 2: Leave-In-Serum

  1. Apply the leave-in-serum to washed, damp hair
  2. Leave the leave-in-serum for 3 minutes
  3. Now, you are free to style your hair!

We hope you got a closer look at our newest product, Color Buddy, which we truly believe will be your one-stop solution for mitigating damage due to bleaching. So… What are you waiting for? Go add ThriveCo’s Color Buddy to your cart and begin your new ear of damage-free hair coloring!

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