Disney-Inspired Hair Color

Disney-Inspired Hair Color Looks You Should Try!

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Hair coloring is a simple and creative way to express creativity and personality. If you love bright, vibrant hair and looking for some inspo, what could be a better inspiration than Disney characters? Whether you want to be a bright redhead like Merida or sizzle in bubble gum pink like Aurora, there's a Disney-inspired hair coloring style for everyone.

With so many beloved characters like Ariel with bright red hair, or Cinderella in strawberry blonde hair or Belle with brown hair color, there are endless possibilities for those looking to switch up their look. Creating Disney Princess's Hair Coloring styles with Anveya's Temporary Hair Color can be a fun-filled and exciting way to experiment with your hair without making a long-term commitment. Within minutes you can create unlimited new looks with our 1-wash hair color, available in 10 vibrant shades. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular Disney-inspired hair color looks you should try!

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Disney Inspired Hair Color Look For You To Try!

For all the Disney fans looking to add a magical charm to your hair color? Here we are with some great Disney-inspired hair color looks! Feel like a Disney princess wearing gorgeous hair colors!

1. Merida Red

Merida Red

Source : Pinterest

Who wouldn’t know Princess Merida from the movie Brave! If you know her, you’d also know that she has luscious red hair that looks magical. Look like Merida in Colorisma’s fiery Madrid Red! You can either go for a global hair color look or create just a few highlights.

2. Aurora Blonde

Aurora Blonde

Source : Pinterest

Most of you would have grown up reading, listening or watching tales of sleeping beauty. Aurora or popularly known as Sleeping Beauty has stunning blonde hair. Her mane looks wavy, voluminous and beautiful. If that’s your idea of beauty, go for it!

3. Ariel Red

Ariel Red

Source : Pinterest

The Disney movie Little Mermaid stars Ariel who carries fabulous Red hair. The jaw-dropping red hair is sure to add some spice to your avatar. You can go for an all red look or just create money pieces you can't take your eyes off from.

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4. Rapunzel Blonde

Rapunzel Blonde

Source : Pinterest

Rapunzel, the Disney animated character from 'Tangled' is famous for her long, blonde hair. This vibrant, bold shade is perfect for those who wish to be a hub of attention.

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These Disney characters offer myriad hair coloring styles that can inspire your next hair color transformation. These Disney-inspired hair colors are for both men and women and can be carried with grace and elegance. So be adventurous and get creative, recreating various Disney characters daily with Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors, available in 8 stunning shades. From fiery Madrid red to Moroccan blue and Tokyo Purple, there is a hair color for everyone. Why not make the jump and try one of these gorge hair colors? You may feel like a Disney Princess yourself!





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