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Dye Diaries: Ditch the Dual-Tone Hair Color Rules. Skunk Hair Is Trending!

Yes! You heard us right! Ditch the dual-tone hair color rules because skunk hair is trending, and trust us on this trend because it is nowhere near as cheeky as it sounds! This trend is the perfect one for your Cruella Deville-Villain era! This trend has been rocked by everyone from supermodel Bella Hadid to Pop icon Dua Lipa and has made all of Hollywood fall in love with it. If the name trend has got you hooked, then you definitely need to read on to know more!

Bella Hadid

Source : Pinterest

What Is The Skunk Hair Color Trend?

The skunk hair color trend, also referred to as the two-tone tail hair, is often styled in thick chunks of blonde, white, or grey-colored hair around your face or other parts of your hair to highlight your features. As for why the trend is called Dua Lipa’s Chunkysunk hair trend, it is because it resembles the two-toned tail of a skunk. Although this trend is usually seen as a contrast between brown hair color or light brown hair color and blonde hair colors you can go crazy with the colors you choose, like Billie Eilish, the ‘Bad Guy’ singer, who sported neon green roots contrasted against black hair, and Blonde fringes contrasted against her black roots.

Skunk hair color trend

Source : Instagram

How do I adopt the trend?

Step 1: If you have dark hair, which most Indians do, then you need to stock up on bleach to achieve the skunk stripe. But as we mentioned before, the skunk hair color trend does not just have to be about blonde and dark hair colors, it can also be a contrast between dark hair colors for hues like pink, purple, blue, or teal. In that case, you can ditch it for semi-permanent hair colors. If you are gravitating towards more colorful skunk hair, then you need to consider Anveya Colorisma semi-permanent hair colors which are available in 8 vibrant colors.

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Step 2: Divide your hair into strips in the most flattering way for your face shape and to your liking, and start bleaching those chunks of hair.

Step 3: Rinse off the bleach and apply the hair color.

Step 4: Rinse off the hair color after the recommended time with conditioner and style it to your liking to rock your new skunk hair!

Now that you know the process to achieve the skunk hair coloring trend, you might be wondering how to figure out which kind of skunk hair you want. Look no further and take notes of the skunk hair color ideas below!

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1. The Classic Skunk Hair

Classic Skunk Hair

Source : Instagram

Bleach and dye the face-framing pieces of your hair blonde to achieve the K-pop idol Jennie look!

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2. The Scattered Skunk Stripes

Scattered Skunk Stripes

Source : Pinterest

Bleach and dye your fringes, bangs, and hair pieces from the top of your head in a haphazard manner to achieve this messy yet aesthetic e-girl skunk hair.

3. Music In The Back

Music In The Back

Source : Pinterest

Ditch the face-framing pieces of bleach and dye and instead dye the back of your head blonde or any preferred color to ace this look.

4. The Pink Skunk

Pink Skunk

Source : Pinterest

Inspired by Fifi La Fume from Tiny Toon Adventures, we bring to you the pink skunk hair color. To achieve this head-turning pink skunk hair, try Anveya Colorisma’s in LA Pink to nail this look.

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So, what are you waiting for? Put your notes from this article to use by getting yourself your first-ever skunk hair!





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