Barbiecore Trend

Dye Diaries: Hop On The Barbiecore Trend With Pink Hair!

It’s Barbie’s world and we’re just living in it or perhaps you might say, we’re livin it! For those who might now know Barbie is a very famous fashion doll made by the company Mattel Inc. and has gained worldwide popularity amongst girls worldwide. It has had movies, shows etc. but now, it is also getting a live action remake titled Barbie, releasing on July 21 with Margot Robbie as Barbie. Along with her will be Ryan Gosling (the man who represents every single guy out there) as the character Ken who’ll be Barbie’s love interest. So, keeping that in mind we’d like to introduce you to the barbiecore trend of hair colors.

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This one’s for all you Kens and Barbies out there, all hair colors for men and hair colors for women unite to form one true color in the barbiecore trend i.e. pink! A hair color style that is also very well-known amongst the anime community, this one is a banger for sure. It’s time to make ours a Barbie world!! The brunettes will be pining for a change.

What Is Barbiecore?

The barbiecore trend is the hardcore pink trend. Pink is a major aesthetic of your looks in this trend. You go hard and you go pink! This trend highlights hair in such a unique way that is really hard to not try and see how it fits you!

We “pinky” swear it’s a really good trend. Some of the people who have gone for this look have become straight up ravishing. How can a toy inspired trend be soooo good? Let’s find out!

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Adopt The Barbiecore Trend With Pink Hair!

So now you want pink hair? You can’t just think about pink and not do something about it right? To adopt the barbiecore trend, you need those pink hair colors. Presenting to you Colorisma's L.A. Pink. A terrific option for you to apply on your hair, this one will make you look cuter and hotter than everyone in the room. But if there’s someone else in the room with the same look you got, we guess it’s no competition then unless hair color style is also included!

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Dropping Some Pink Hair Color Looks For Ya!

Can’t pink any hair style that highlights hair color in the pinkest of ways possible? We picked some up for you that are really drop dead gorgeous!

1. Barbie Pink

Barbie Pink

Source : Pinterest

The hot pink hair color to make you look really hot! The OG Barbie style that highlights hair color the most pink it can! Rise to the stage and rise the temperature of the room and BarBe the hottest!

2. Pinkingo


Source : Pinterest

Flamingo and pink together? The greatest crossover of all time indeed! Perfect color to go for if you’re transitioning from being a member of the brunettes to taking part in the barbiecore trend!! Try combining it with dark clothes that really accentuate the pink!

3. The Pinxie Look

Pinxie Look

Source : Pinterest

Pixie hair cut is good… combine it with pink to be gorgeous. Your name will be at the top of the beauty poll when you go for a cut this small. It looks so cute that you’ll look like a doll? Is that a bad thing? Nope, after all that is what we are going for in the barbiecore trend!!! Jackets and something that is hardcore rock and metal will go really good and give a Biker Barbie vibe!

4. Half Pink Half Something Else

Half Pink Half Something Else

Source : Pinterest

Dipping your toes into Oceana, the oceanic kingdom in Barbie? Well it’s okay to be a bit skeptical so you can go for this look before you go full barbiecore! So half pink and half any color may be good but some of the best other color choices you go for are blue, black or just like in this picture… purple! Use different colors for your shirt but try using the secondary color that you picked for your pants. A terrific look!

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5. Pink Afro

Pink Afro

Source : Pinterest

You might be a bit shy if you’re a guy about going barbiecore… But don’t worry, this isn’t a pink hair color for women or hair color for men… it is for everybody! You’d totally rock the scene with this hairstyle. When he looks at you, Ryan Gosling might just end up saying “That’s literally me”. Maybe the Blade Runner Ryan Gosling style to go with, you’ll combine Barbie and mystique!

So now that your hair color lore includes barbiecore, it is time to end this blog. We went over some great pink colored looks that you can choose from and really get into the pink colored trend. Ken ya become Barbie thanks to this? Of course! You can be Barbie, Ken or whoever your heart wants to be… But remember to be yourself and just look to these characters as an inspiration.




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