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Marbled Hair: The Hair Color You Should Go For This Season And Why!

Have you ever come across those captivating videos showcasing marble nail art? They typically involve dropping various hues of nail paint into water and expertly mixing them with a toothpick to get a marbleized pattern on your nails. The outcome? A beautiful swirled pattern that is equally mesmerizing on your fingertips as it is on elegant kitchen countertops. Don't worry, today in this blog, we will not talk about elegant marbleized kitchen countertops; but will introduce you to a new hair coloring trend that is making rounds on the internet- marbleized hair trend. Keep reading to satisfy your craving for creativity and add vibrancy to your hair. Also, check out some gorgeous-looking marbled hair trends that are in the rage this season.

What Is The 'Marbled Hair' Trend? 

marbled hair

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Marbling hair technique is an intricate hair coloring process that involves drawing inspiration from marble veins, resulting in multicolored waves throughout the length of hair. Hair stylists replicate the swirls and blends of the colors on human hair.

Renowned hair colorist Ásh Fortis, who got inspiration from marbled nail art, made hair marbling her signature style as she also wanted the marble beauty trend to be included in hair. As per Fortis, there is no set formula for hair marbling. Instead, she relies more on her skillful hands and creative eyes. The distribution and blend of colors are never the same, giving you a new intricate pattern with a new chic look each time you do hair marbling. Marbling hair technique uses the color melt technique, blending the base colors with darker colors to create depth to the hair. Depending on your color preference, you can do a more subtle look with pastel hair color or rock in vibrant hair colors. You can go for Colorisma Semi-Permanent hair colors infused in hair bond tech Hyaplex, India's first all drama, no damage hair colors! Experience hair coloring like never before. 

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Why Should You Go For This Hair Color? 

2-toned hair color

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If you prefer contrasting or 2-toned hair color, then hair marbling is for you. Marbled hair is in vogue right now, with many celebrities like Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Piper coloring their hair in chic marbled hair color. This trend quickly became a hit among fashion freaks who craved a phenomenal and visually stunning hairstyle. To gain some inspo, check out the gorgeous-looking marbled hair trends so that you can slay the marbled hair look.

1. Multicolored Marble 

Multicolored Marble

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Not satisfied with just one hair color? If you are craving more, then go for multicolored marbled hair. This hair coloring technique involves the use of several vibrant colors to create streaks of colors running down the hair, giving a smooth textured look.

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2. Contrasting Hues For A Dramatic Look

Dramatic Look

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Have you ever wondered about rocking marbled hair in vibrant, eye-catching colors that seamlessly blend multiple hues? The marbled hair trend is all about creating a stunning contrast between two colors. Rich, vibrant hues complimenting your dark brown or black hair color can add a twist to your glamorous appearance.

3. Brown On Blond 

Brown On Blond

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Consider brown on blond marbled hair if you want a subtle hair color change. Marbled brown hair looks amazing on blonds. Go bold and fiery with brown on blond to spice up your life.

4. Pink Marble 

Pink Marble

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Pink has been an all-time favorite of many. Marbled hair comes in a wide range of stunning colors. Create your own style statement with a marble-inspired pink hair look.

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5. Silver Marble 

Silver Marble

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How about getting silver wavy hair to glam up your party look? Many of you might feel that silver hair color is old-fashioned, but silver-marbled hair is in vogue. You can start with a darker shade on the top, adding some silver streaks starting from mid-length toward the tip.

6. 3D Holographic 

3D Holographic

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Though it can be time-consuming, it gives stunning results. This hair coloring technique is a unique way of adding texture, color, and dimension to your strands. It is a perfect way to add vigor and vitality to your mane. This trendy and eye-catching hair coloring technique will make you stand out in the crowd.
The best part about the marbling hair technique is that it can be customized per your requirements. But it has its downsides as well. Hair marbling should be carried out only by professional, skillful people to get the right effect on your hair. Moreover, marbled hair color requires a lot of maintenance, or it will fade out quickly, ruining the whole effect. Invest in quality color-protectant hair care products. Regular touch-ups are required to maintain the vibrancy of the hair colors.

The marble hair trend is here to stay for a long time. With its delightful blend of colors and unique pattern, this hair coloring trend allows you to showcase your creativity and individuality. Whether you are looking for a subtle, pastel hue or vibrant, bold colors, marbled hair offers endless possibilities. So why settle for less when you can ask for more?




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