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Meet Barbiecore

Meet Barbiecore 2023 : Bring your Barbie self to life

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Celebs, influencers and regular people, everybody is feeling the barbie era and how! If you saw the film Barbie directed by Greta Gerwig, there's a 99 percent chance that you walked into a theater with a sea of folks dressed in all pink outfits. The hot pink frenzy isn’t slowing down anytime. Starring the ever so dreamy Margot Robbie and handsome Ryan Gosling, the movie has begun the Barbie trend with all glitz and glam.

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What is BarbieCore?


Source : Pinterest

Barbiecore is 2023’s biggest fashion trend. The doll inspired Barbie core trend or the aesthetic is about gorgeous shades of Pink, big chunky heels and all things pink. It brings along with it a whimsy, feminine glory and the nostalgia of revisiting the age old childhood toy which was adored by every little girl ever. The fashion trend encourages women to embrace their inner Barbie who is girly, yet smart, kind and a feminist, too. It is kind of a reminder that you’re never too old to play dress up!

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Source : Instagram     
 Source : Instagram
Our leading bollywood celebs have caught up with the trend with no hesitation. Alia Bhatt, Kiara Adwani and other industry favourites look drop dead cool as they embrace their inner barbie.

Get to know Barbie!

Get to know Barbie

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The OG Barbie doll, created by Ruth Handler, the founder of Toy manufacturing company Mattel, was a toy extremely popular among young girls growing up all over the globe. You'd have had at least one barbie doll once in your life. That’s just how popular the doll was since its debut 64 years back in 1959.

Steps to adopt Barbiecore & validate your inner Barbie!

1. Wear Pink : the hotter the pink, the better

Wear Pink

Source : Pinterest

An all pink outfit complimented with white is the perfect way to put your Barbie look together. All the shades of Pink are welcome here. 

2. Ultra high heels or pumps are a must

high heels

Source : Pinterest

An irresistible pair of high heels are a staple for any Barbie. Get yourself a pair of gorge heels.

3. Signature Pink or blonde hair

Signature Pink or blonde hair

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Barbie can have pink or blonde mane. For pink hair, grab Colorisma’s Summer Pink, a temporary hair makeup. If you’re willing to put in a little more effort, bleach your hair and wear Colorisma’s L.A. Pink, a semi permanent hair color shade that is so vibrant and just right for Barbie themes.

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Buy Colorisma L.A Pink Semi - permanent Hair Color

4. Plastic hair clips are fab!

Plastic hair clips

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You’ve no idea how cute claw hair clips, headbands or snap clips spice up your Barbie look. It’s an underrated accessory that everybody turns their attention to with the rising Barbie aesthetic.

5. Makeup: Sun kissed look with Pink lips & eyeshadow


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A sun kissed makeup look with glossy pink lips, pink eyeshadow and hot pink blush would make the perfect makeup look for Barbiecore.

6. Holographic, fluorescent accessories!

fluorescent accessories

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Accessories shoot up any look. The Barbie look is incomplete without over the top accessories that make your eyes sparkle.




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