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Low Maintenance Hair Colors

Meet Our Most Low Maintenance Hair Colors!

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Are you tired of spending hours in the salon to maintain the freshness and vibrancy of your hair color? Our advice would be to look for low maintenance semi-permanent hair colors, which can help save on time and money. You can always consult your hair colorist to let them know what your hair color preferences are. But having a forehand knowledge about what you want is always better. This will help you skip frequent visits to the salon.

For experiencing the ultimate color transformation that is low on maintenance try some of Anveya's Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Colors. Which ones? You'll get to know! These incredible range of semi-permanent hair colors work for both men & women who like to experiment and want to try out new hair color styles without having to undergo constant touch ups. We will dive into low-maintenance colors that will adorn your glam look among our hair color range. 

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Meet our low maintance hair Colors

When you want to change your hair color, but are looking for something low maintenance, then it's important to choose a hair color style and technique that provides a seamless transition. These low maintenance hair colors not only save you money but will also make you look fab as well.

1. Moroccan Blue

Moroccan Blue

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Moroccan Blue is a vibrant and intoxicating shade that adds an exotic touch to your hair. This semi-permanent hair color is ideal for those who wish to make a statement without the need for constant maintenance. This rich shade of blue is easy to maintain, and it doesn't fade easily. It's an excellent choice for those who cannot keep up with frequent visits to the salon.


2. Northern Neon

Northern Neon

If you are looking for a hair color that makes you stand out from the crowd, then Northern Neon hair color is for you. This eye-catching hue is perfect for anyone who wants to try a unique color style but doesn't want to have frequent touch-ups. The bright green shade lasts long and is low maintenance. This makes it a popular choice among hair color enthusiasts.

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3. Madrid Red

Madrid Red

Get ready for the ‘red hair, don’t dare’ challenge with our flattering Madrid Red hair color. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted, it's rather for people looking to make a bold style statement. This low-maintenance hair color is ideal for men and women looking to enhance their look without spending hours in the salon. If a head full of glossy red hair has been on your wishlist, then get ready to rock with Madrid Red. The reddish hue is easy and quick to maintain, and it provides a beautiful contrast to a variety of skin tones.

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4. L.A Pink


L.A. Pink can be described as a gorgeous and trendy hair color that has taken the fashion world by storm, especially with the upcoming Barbie movie trend. It is the perfect color for all busy bees who want to look trendy without having to spend too much time on its maintenance. This shade will appeal to those who wish to experiment with a bold, yet feminine color and requires minimum upkeep.

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These low-maintenance colors are perfect if you want to experiment a little with your hair color without having the constant hassle of touch-ups. No matter if you are looking for subtle highlights or a bold global shade, these shades provide a stunning long-lasting look that requires minimal maintenance. Why not give these low-maintenance colors a go and transform your natural hair color to spice up your look? Happy Coloring!

Frequently Answered Questions

1. Which Hair Colors Are Easiest To Maintain?

Red, Green and Blue are considered to be low maintenance hair colors. But often, it really depends on your hair type and haircare routine.

2. What Are The Low Maintenance Hair Colors For Indian Skin?

Hair colors in the shade of brown, red, green and blue are low maintenance hair colors for Indian skin. There's no particular set of shades for 'Indian skin'. It's all about do you have what it takes to carry the color?

3. What Is The Easiest Hair Color To Maintain?

Every hair color is easy to maintain with the right care. Be it bright blues, blood reds, glossy pinks or neon greens, it's on you to maintain it with ease. 

4. Which Global Hair Color Is Best For Indian Skin?

If you ask us, the stereotypical notion of having to choose a color that suits your skin tone is ridiculous. Skin undertones are understandable, not skin tones. Go pick a color and own it. 




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