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Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring

Prepping Your Hair For Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring!

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Do bright and vibrant hair colors fascinate you, and are you eager to color your hair in a vibrant hue with semi-permanent hair color? If the answer is in affirmation, then we have got you covered. If you are new to hair coloring and need clarification about where to begin, don't worry. Let us help you out. Before you begin your hair coloring journey, preparing your hair to attain the desired result is crucial. This is your guide to preparing your hair to wear a semi-permanent hair color that lasts longer, enhancing your hair coloring experience.

Steps To Prep Your Hair For A Hair Coloring Sesh

Before taking a plunge into the mesmerizing world of semi-permanent hair colors, you should prep your hair for the coloring process. Follow these steps and get ready for a hair color transformation that looks vibrant and gorgeous, enhancing your personality and attitude.

1. Cleanse & Clarify Your Hair 

Cleanse & Clarify Your Hair

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The preliminary step of preparing your hair is to cleanse and clarify. Removing product buildup, debris, and gunk is vital to showcase your vibrant hair color. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your hair, eliminating buildup and impurities from your strands. Cleansing your hair ensures you create a pristine canvas for your semi-permanent hair color to work its magic, giving you a vibrant hair color transformation. Moreover, clean hair helps minimize the damage, allowing your hair color to stay longer. Wash your hair 24-48 hours before applying hair color. This allows the natural oil to protect your hair from any damage. You can go for ThriveCo Hair Healing Shampoo to clean your hair and reverse any damage caused till that point to your hair. 

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"Due to coloring n high lighting , my hair had list their shine . They become frizzy n brittle.Thanks to this amazing shampoo. just a few washes and I can already see the difference. My hair are much smoother and shinier now."

2. Pre-Lighten Your Hair To The Desired Level 

Pre-Lighten Your Hair

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Coloring your hair is a fun way of expressing your individuality. Pre-lightening of your hair or bleaching is done to get the desired shade of your favorite hair color. It is a vital step in prepping your hair for semi-permanent hair coloring. Pre-lightening creates an even canvas, ensuring the final shade is exactly what you want. You can skip the pre-lightening process if you have naturally light brown hair color, but brunettes cannot skip it; you have to swim against the tide.! Also, do not forget to include our Color Buddy in the process to handle the damage caused during the bleaching process. The mix can be used with bleach during application for damage reversal, and the fix - leave in serum can be used for smoother, frizz free hair after the process. 

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"I have been coloring my hair since I was 17 , its pretty damaged. My hair stylist told me not to use color anymore. However Color Buddy was a game changer."

3. Conduct A Strand Test 

Strand Test

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To guarantee a desirable outcome and to prevent any side effects, it is essential to conduct a strand test. Take a small section of hair, preferably from an inconspicuous area, and apply a small amount of semi-permanent hair color that you plan to apply. Monitor the color development and the time required to achieve the desired result. The strand test allows you to fine-tune your color processing time, ensuring you get the dazzling, vibrant hue of your dreams.

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4. Perform Patch Test 

Perform Patch Test

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Performing a patch test helps to check any adverse reactions on the skin. Take a small amount of the semi-permanent hair color and apply it to a small area behind the ears. Wait for 24 hours to check for any allergic reaction. Our semi-permanent hair color for men and women is generally safe for all skin types. It is still recommended to do a patch test just to be safe. 

5. Get All The Hair Coloring Essentials 

Hair Coloring Essentials

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Gather all your hair coloring essentials before diving into the enchanting world of hair color. Get all your hair coloring essentials, such as the Colorisma hair coloring tubes, hand gloves, a hair coloring brush, a bowl, clips (to tie the hair in sections), a comb (for even application), and an old towel. These are the basic hair coloring essentials you should always keep handy for achieving a hassle-free, even, and precise application, saturating each strand for breathtaking results.

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Preparing your hair before applying a semi-permanent hair color is essential for achieving the vibrancy and vitality of your freshly applied semi-permanent hair color. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can be assured that your hair is ready for a vibrant and breathtaking hair color transformation.

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Frequently Answered Questions 

1. Does Semi-Permanent Hair Color Damage Hair? 

Regular Semi Permanent hair colors damage hair. However, Colorisma healing colors are infused with a 3rd gen hair bonding Technology, Hyaplex, that not only prevents damage, but also fixes the damage caused by bleach. 

2. Can I Highlight Hair With Bleaching? 

Bleaching is done to pre-lighten your hair. You can use a hair color to create gorgeous highlights in your hair. If you have naturally light brown hair, go for shades of Red and Purple hair color to create highlights that seem to blend with your natural hair color effortlessly.

3. Does Bleaching Damage Your Hair? 

Bleaching lifts the outer cuticle and damages the bonds of the hair, causing your hair to become rough, dry, and brittle as the hair cannot hold the moisture because of raised cuticles. 

4. Which Are The Hair Colors Which Do Not Require Bleaching? 

Mahogany, Auburn, Chocolate brown highlights, Caramel, and Burgundy hair colors do not require bleaching before hair coloring.




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