How To Get The Most Of A Serum: Massage Techniques

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If you're a skincare enthusiast or even just someone who's only getting started on their skincare journey and have been slightly confused about where to get started from and what are the right products, then you're at the right place. Most people know the basic mantra of skincare but it's in these tiny bits that the efficacies start to rise over the surface. Serums have been popular for quite some time but there are still many who don't know the power a 30 mL bottle beholds. So if you wanna do something crazy and amp up your skin routine then a face serum might just be the thing that you're looking for. According to statistics, people and experiences of people involved in the business, serums have been proven to visibly tighten the skin, improve the blood circulation, reduce anti aging lines, prevent skin sagging, puffiness and keep the skin healthy, hydrated and moist.

Well, if we've piqued your interest with the many purposes of a serum, let's talk about what it actually is and what's so special about it that it has manifold benefits. A serum contains concentrated active molecules that will most likely penetrate the skin and because of a higher concentration, it even takes visibly a shorter amount of time to see the results.

Benefits of serums

Serums have plenty of benefits from soothing your skin, depuffing after a hard, unpleasant sleep, protecting it from dirt particles and unwanted oily substances, nourishing the follicles to feeling very light on your skin, it is by far one of the most useful products out there. There's a misconception that only people who should have a rigorous skincare routine should be the ones either falling into some huge pit or having naturally bad skin, but serums have successfully proved that younger people can have operational skincare routines without it being a tiresome chore. There are serums catering to literally every need and more from anti aging, hydrating, acne prone, skin brightening, etc. the list goes on.

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How to make the most of a Serum ?

The correct question however now pops us of how to get the maximum benefit from serums, do you apply it directly and just rub it across the face or do you massage it for a while but then again, who has time for a freaking massage in the middle of a meeting? So we've brought to you some very helpful, easy and time efficient techniques that will help you to use the literal, elixir of life to its fullest.

Just keep these tips in mind, and we're sure you'll be free to deflower your serum self-

  1. Cleanse before applying- as we've repeatedly said it's important to make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed and clear without even a trace of dirt or oil molecules.
  2. Make sure your skin isn't sandpaper- to reap out the maximum benefits from a serum it's important to make sure that your skin is damp so that there's negligible friction between your skin and the serum.
  3. Apply it before moisturizer- ensure that you pre ready your skin by applying serum to give it some antioxidants, wait for 5-7 mins and then apply a moisturizer.
  4. Minimalism is the key- as we've always said, less is more, in this case also it applies perfectly. Take no more than a few drops, cause' all good things come in small packages.

Facial Massage Techniques

Before we get started just make sure that your hands and tools that you're going to use are clean, because boy do we want another bacterial allergy or inflammation caused by dirt in your nails or on the under surface of your tools. Now there are two options for you to consider, either you use tools such as face rollers, ice globe massagers or even just plain old cold spoons or you go back 60 years and use only your hands. It doesn't matter which option you choose provided you're massaging your face correctly otherwise broken capillaries and rosacea would be just the beginning.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage

Who should do it

People who have comparatively paler skin and want to bring some color to their face, get it all red and glowy.

How to do it

  1. Take a minimum of 4-5 drops of the serum and rub it all over your face. Using the tip of your fingers sweep the center of your chin, up and round about your jawline. You can even use your knuckles for a more relaxed time. Do at least 5-15 strokes before moving to another area starting from the neck and lower jawline to building your way up through your cheeks.
  2. Repeat this motion from the corner of your mouth to your ears, nose to ears and from nose to temple using broad strokes.
  3. Continue this, sweep above and under your eyes, across the cheek and give a nice, final stroke to the entire face before finishing it off.

Acupressure massage

Acupressure massage

Who should do it

People with tired looking, dull and boring skin, who want their skin to look fresh, well rested and rejuvenated.

How to do it

  1. Use your fingertips to gently apply pressure by moving your fingers back to forth, in a criss cross manner, to these below listed areas of your face-
  2. The inner corner of your eyes
  3. The outer corner of your eyes
  4. The center of your eyes
  5. The inner corner of your eyebrows
  6. The supraorbital bone above your eyebrows (the one which pops out a little)
  7. On either side of the nose

Do these at least 4 times a week for 15 minutes for the best results. It can even be a little me time for you, play some songs in the background, dim the lights, wash your face and start massaging your face. It'll instantly drain all the tension and worry of the day, jump start lymphatic drainage, or acupressure fixtures, whatever floats your boat, fizzle out the toxins and leave you a happier, more relaxed version of yourself. Also, if you keep up with this, we promise you soon all your friends are gonna be asking for this new, amazing trick that you've got under your sleeves.

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