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Stretch marks during and after pregnancy? Here's What You Need To Know!

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Pregnancy is renowned for being the most lovely, miraculous, transformative, and just a very pure and beautiful process that a mother goes through. The baby, which is the reward for this little journey, makes one feel that both the journey and the destination are just as important and good.

But just as an amazing experience it is, it is also infamously notorious for imposing quite a few problems on the mom. Mood swings, vomiting, etc. are just a few to name. But let’s shift the focus towards the main focus of this blog: Stretch marks during pregnancy. These stretch marks are quite nefarious and are known to affect about 90% of all pregnant women.

Appearing as quite apparently visible line streaks on the surface of the skin of the mom, these stretch marks are caused by quite a simple phenomenon which is the rapid stretching and expanding of the skin during the pregnancy. Many people believe in the phenomenon that when a woman is pregnant she should be feeling happy during the pregnancy so as to not pass down negative vibes to the child. Stretch marks during pregnancy or after are quite a bother and the mood swings which are already quite troublesome may cause the mother to feel dejected and hence require a solution to this problem. Pregnancy stretch marks cream, oils, etc., will all be discussed later on in this blog.

Why do you get stretch marks during and after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a situation where the skin expands far beyond a normal limit, hence resulting in stretch marks. After the pregnancy, the skin attempts to go back to its normal state. Another abnormal change causes stretch marks to appear if they didn’t occur during the pregnancy. There are many other factors that can cause these pregnancy stretch marks. Some of them are:

1. Weight Gain

Weight Gain

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Many moms gain a huge amount of weight during pregnancy. This weight can vary from 10 to 12.5kg and from mother to mother. To ensure that you don’t eat less to avoid weight gain, or a lot more to compensate for the mood swings, prepare a healthy diet during pregnancy and stick to it. The baby also slowly grows, thus causing the abdominal area to expand and hence causing stretch marks.

2. Volume of amniotic fluid

amniotic fluid

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A higher level of amniotic fluid volume in your body can lead to increased pressure on the skin. Now, a higher level of amniotic fluid isn’t something to be scared of. Generally, it is spotted during much later stages of the pregnancy and usually means that you have to give birth in the hospital after a few check-ups. However since it can cause stretch marks due to indirect weight gain, it has been mentioned.

3. Changes in hormones

Changes in hormones

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Pregnancies are infamous for hormonal fluctuations. The hormones of a pregnant mother can be highly volatile and are often the reason for their mood swings as well. One hormone, in particular, known as cortisone can increase at rapid paces… This hormone is responsible for weakening the skin elasticity, hence causing stretch marks to begin forming

4. Genetics


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There is also a possibility of a history of stretch marks in the family being passed down. This can also lead to the formation of stretch marks during the time of pregnancy which is ultimately a thing to correct. To correct them, products such as stretch marks removal cream are to be used which will be discussed in the next section.

How to get rid of them?

Stretch marks Cream

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Stretch marks can’t be just completely removed. They can turn out looking quite obnoxious if not at least faded away. Some of the methods to reduce their impact include keeping yourself well hydrated, allowing for a slow yet steady weight gain (it shouldn’t be rapid), performing exercises prescribed by a doctor to keep your well-being, regularly applying moisturizers and creams, and most importantly, maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet! There are multiple stretch marks creams that can be used for stretch marks removal. There are also pregnancy stretch mark creams that are specifically targeted as stretch mark removal creams for pregnancies.

One such product is ThriveCo’s Stretch Marks Expert! Powered by the groundbreaking Striover ™, buy it to help you reduce these stretch marks. It is a serum cream that will help you reduce old as well as new stretch marks and help you retain your positive self-image despite the hardships of the beautiful pregnancy that you or your loved one went through.

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Stretch mark removal is something that many people want to do but aren’t sure of what is to be done exactly. This blog lists the reasons why these stretch marks occur during pregnancies and a few corrective measures as well. Be sure to follow these for a lovely transitional journey to being a mom and making sure that you love yourselves just as much!

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