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Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles

Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles!

Dr. Shireen Singh
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Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

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The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin is inevitable as you age. Some people develop wrinkles at a very early age, which is known as premature ageing. The appearance of the signs of ageing depends on various factors, such as genetics and erratic lifestyle. This is why no two people of the same age develop wrinkles simultaneously.

Wrinkles can form for various reasons, including sun exposure, genetics, and natural ageing. Necklines are prominent horizontal lines that appear around your neck like chokers. While it is completely normal to have neck wrinkles, it's fine if you are all wound up about it. What is the reason for the appearance of these lines, and what do you do to fix it? We have covered everything you need to know about this annoying but inevitable skincare condition!

What Are Neck Wrinkles?

Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles, also known as 'necklines' or "turkey neck," are a common concern for many people as they age. Neck wrinkles are a part of your body's natural ageing process. Sometimes people think getting wrinkles despite applying natural creams and moisturizers regularly is absurd. This is a clear indication that your neck is being neglected and your focus has solely been on your facial skin.

What Causes Neck Wrinkles?

The skin of your neck is similar to your facial skin. It is super fragile and thin, hence prone to wrinkles. Ageing, exposure to UV rays, pollution, and stress can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and contour. With ageing, collagen production depletes, and the skin starts drooping. The loose skin causes wrinkles, ridges and folds, which begins to appear on your neck. The depletion of skin protein-keratin and tightening of muscles beneath the skin can cause wrinkles and skin folds, which deepen and become more prominent.

The more you engage in activities that stretch the skin, the more wrinkles and lines you’d get. The increase in use of mobile devices has resulted in the phenomenon called 'tech neck'. While you bend your head to work or scroll through the mobile, the folding of the skin on the neck is more than ever. Increased screen time is a major contributor to neck wrinkles. Young people are always more prone to 'tech neck'.

How To Get Rid Of Neck Wrinkles?

While it is impossible to completely eliminate neck wrinkles, several solutions can help reduce their appearance to a large extent. These solutions include non-invasive treatments such as topical creams, serums and invasive options such as Botox injections and PRP therapy. Let's go through a few of them.

1. Use Anti-Ageing Skincare Products

Use Anti-Ageing Skincare Products

You have the most delicate and thin skin on your neck; hence it is more vulnerable to damage. Consider applying skincare products that you apply on your face a little down on your neck as well to keep it hydrated. As per the skincare expert, your skin desperately needs moisturization. In your morning skincare routine, apply ThriveCo Regenerative 5Kda Hyaluronic Acid Serum on clean skin for hydration.

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For your night skincare routine, experts recommend using a skin repairing and anti-ageing cream for your face and neck, such as ThriveCo Anti-Ageing Face & Neck Cream with skin-friendly ingredients such as squalene and hyaluronic acid.

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2. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is mostly recommended by derms for treating necklines. The laser stimulates collagen production in this process, improving the skin's elasticity.

3. Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy

In this skin rejuvenation treatment, the body uses its own plasma to boost collagen production and enhance cell regeneration, thus eliminating necklines. In PRP therapy the body's repair mechanism is utilized for the growth and repair of the cells.

4. Botox

In this treatment, an injection is given, which aids in the relaxation of muscles under the skin, preventing the formation of necklines. However, it should be noted that this method is not a permanent solution for eliminating neck wrinkles because when the effect of the treatment is over, wrinkles and lines start reappearing on the neck.

5. Micro needling

This is another medical treatment used to erase signs of ageing. This process is known as derma-rolling, in which the tiny needles puncture the skin and promote collagen production, erasing prominent ridges or fine lines from the neck.

It is important to consult a derm to determine the best treatment option for you based on your requirements.

How To Prevent Neck Wrinkles?

Using anti-ageing creams, serums, and medical treatments can help eliminate the horizontal lines on the neck. But when it comes to your health, especially your skin, always stick to the magic mantra- 'Prevention Is Better Than Cure'. Neck wrinkles are becoming a cause of concern for millennials. Let's explore ways to prevent neck wrinkles:

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1. Do Neck Exercises

Neck Exercises

Neck exercises and face yoga can help tone the neck muscles by boosting collagen production and improving blood circulation.

2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Bring your moisturizer a little down the face, ensuring you don't neglect your neck during your skincare routine. Keeping your skin well-hydrated makes it look plump, preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Sun Protect Your Skin

Sun Protect Your Skin

Exposure to UV rays can damage your skin, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Always sun protect your skin to prevent sun damage, which ultimately prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Make sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above.

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4. Limit Your Screen Time

Limit Your Screen Time

Try to limit your screen time, as the posture of your head can also lead to the formation of ridge or horizontal lines along the neck.

5. Add Anti-Ageing Ingredients To Your Skincare Routine

Add Anti-Ageing Ingredients To Your Skincare Routine

Niacinamide is a skin-friendly anti-ageing ingredient which prevents moisture loss, makes your skin soft and smoothes the texture of your skin. Try our Oil Free Anti-Ageing Hydrating Gel which contains niacinamide, pentavitin and hyaluronic acid. The prime feature of this anti-ageing hydrating gel is - the patented ingredient B9-VITAPOL, considered the most effective anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle treatment for your skin.

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Apart from these preventive measures, ensure you stay hydrated, consume a balanced diet, sleep well and remain stress-free. It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist whenever you are trying out something new on your skin.

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