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Redensyl VS Procapil: The Better Hair Growth Ingredient?

If you struggle with hair loss or thinning, then you are not alone. Almost two third of the population is affected by hair problems at some point in life. Stress, environmental aggressors, lack of sleep, and proper nutrition are considered to be some of the common causes of hair loss. Many hair growth products are available in the market, which seems promising, but often fail to deliver the desired result.

Hair plays a vital role in enhancing one’s personality, so it should be maintained well. One of the most important aspects of taking care of your hair is making sure that your hair is getting proper nourishment. Research has proved that Redensyl in hair regrowth serum effectively controls hair loss, making your hair healthy and vibrant. Yet another ingredient, which has been making rounds on social media recently, is Procapil. According to the latest study, Procapil is also helpful in making your hair longer and more robust, reducing hair loss.

In this blog, we will discuss the two well known hair growth ingredients in many hair regrowth serums and find out which one is the better hair growth ingredient.

Redensyl For Hair Growth

Redensyl For Hair Growth

Redensyl- a vital ingredient in ThriveCo’s hair Growth Serum, is a powerful hair regrowth ingredient made from a combination of plant extracts and botanical ingredients. The plant extract - Dihydro Quercetin Glucoside(DHQG) and Epigallocatechin Gallate Glucoside (EGCG2) play a vital role in controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth. It acts as a hair galvanizer, targeting the stem cells in the hair follicles and boosting cell division. By promoting cell regeneration, Redensyl serum encourages hair growth. Redensyl for hair is considered to be the best haircare treatment because of its proven efficacy. It is an amalgamation of 7 plant compounds that actively boost hair growth and control hair fall. The seven plant compounds are:

  • EGCG2
  • DHQG
  • Zinc Chloride
  • Glycine
  • Meta-bisulfite
  • Glycerin
  • Water

They are hair growth and hair restorative actives which work effectively by controlling the telogen phase (resting phase) of the hair growth cycle. It enhances the diameter of the hair follicles, adding volume and thickness to your strands. As per experts, by using Redensyl serum in the early stages of hair loss, you can manage hair loss before it gets out of control.

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Procapil For Hair Growth

Procapil For Hair Growth

Experts recommend Procapil hair serum for controlling hair loss and promoting hair growth. Procapil for hair helps with hair loss by blocking DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss and hair thinning. This DHT blocker is composed of three naturally-derived ingredients.

  • Biotinyl GHK- a form of biotin known for promoting hair growth.
  • Oleanolic Acids- plant extract derived from olive trees.
  • Apigenin- a flavonoid found in citrus plants.

Procapil boosts hair growth by improving blood circulation and fortifying the hair follicles with essential nutrients. It activates the dormant hair follicles, promoting the growth of healthy hair. It adds volume and thickness to your strands, making your hair look thick and dense. Procapil hair serum is mainly used to treat various scalp conditions such as dry, itchy, and inflamed scalp, restore hair growth, and control hair loss. It stimulates the cellular metabolism of your hair, nourishing hair from root to tip. It also acts as a vasodilator promoting the growth of healthy hair. Many famous brands are infusing Procapil in their hair care products to enhance the texture and appearance of your hair, ensuring healthy hair growth.

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Redensyl VS Procapil : Who’d win the battle?

Redensyl Vs Procapil is one of the most discussed topics on the internet. According to experts, in hair growth products, Redensyl and Procapil both are clinically proven to deliver the desired results. Both Redensyl and Procapil are the primary ingredients in many hair restorative treatments. ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum contains both these research-based and science-backed ingredients, promoting growth, controlling hair fall, and making your hair look thick and dense.

Redensyl works at the cellular level by targeting stem cells and promoting cell regeneration, improving the thickness and length of the strands.

Procapil is a DHT blocker that works by blocking DHT (a hormone known to cause hair thinning, hair loss, and baldness) and improving blood circulation of the scalp. This helps supply oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, resulting in increased hair growth.

The combination of these potent hair growth actives has proven results, which is why many people are looking for a variety of Redensyl and Procapil in their hair growth serums. As per experts, also look for other powerful hair growth ingredients such as Anagain and Capilia Longa, which are known to improve the texture and appearance of your hair by increasing its volume and density. You can harness the benefits of all these hair growth ingredients in our hair growth serum.

You can reap the additional haircare benefits of effective plant extracts such as biotin, caffeine, and arginine, which work towards maintaining scalp health, encouraging hair growth, and improving hair texture, with our new Restorative Hair Growth Duo (hair growth serum & hair vitalizing shampoo).

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