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 Gingerbread Red Hair

Dye Diaries: Get Megan Fox's Gingerbread Red Hair!

Red hair color is definitely one way to stand out of the crowd. It's vibrant, gorgeous and different for sure. Red is a fierce and bold color. It's full of passion and romance. Anybody with a red head will appear determined and fearless with an energy to take on anything. All of these characteristics are brought to the table by our very own diva, Megan Fox. She isn't like anyone. Her style has always been class apart and makes you go wow every single time. This time, she showed up with a head full of gingerbread red hair and no, we cannot possibly stay calm. 

Megan Fox's Brand New Red Hair! 2>
Megan Fox Red Hair

Source: Pinterest

Megan is known for her exquisite sense of trendy hair coloring styles. Megan Fox's 'Transformers' was a blockbuster in 2007, which shot her to fame. In her latest post on social media, the 'Transformers’ star can be seen rocking in 'gingerbread red hair.' You might have seen Fox rocking a Balayage color, blonde, black, and even pink hair color look, but her latest gingerbread red hair color is eye-grabbing. At the launch party for Sports Illustrated's Annual Swimwear issue in New York City, Megan debuted the red hair color look and completely slayed the look. In a recent interview, Megan disclosed that she got the red hair color inspo from Greek Mythology.

Are you longing to embrace the captivating allure of Megan Fox's red hair? Look no further..! We at Anveya will tell you how to get Megan Fox's gingerbread red hair!

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How To Achieve Megan Fox's Red Hair Look? 

Megan Fox Red Hair

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to red hair, finding the perfect shade is crucial. There are various undertones and intensities to consider, ensuring that your red hair color compliments your skin tone and personal style. If you are a hair color freak who likes to experiment with different hair coloring styles and looks, then we have got you covered. Colorisma's Temporary Hair Color is now available in 10 terrific shades. Now you can feel like a celebrity every day. Get ready to take over the world each day with a new terrific look.

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The credit for Fox's gingerbread red hair color goes to her hair stylist- Dimitri Giannetos. If you are desperate for that vivid and intense hair color, we will tell you how to achieve a celebrity-style gingerbread red hair color. With Colorisma Temporary Hair Color in the shade - Flaming Copper, you can achieve that intense and flashy look that will give you Megan Fox's Gingerbread red hair transformation.

Buy Flaming Copper Temporary Hair Color


Coloring your hair in your way was never so fun with Colorisma Temporary Hair Color. Let loose your imagination and let your creativity work with the Flaming Copper temporary hair color. This one-day one-wash hair makeup lets your hair be damage-free, allowing you to be commitment-free, as you can rock in a bold and badass look today and shed the look the very next day.

To get that perfect hair color style you have been yearning for, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of dirt, impurities, and buildup. Now your hair is like a clean canvas. There you are, ready to go.

  • Grab Anveya Colorisma Flaming Copper Temporary Hair Color, which has a rich, warm tone with undertones of gold and bronze.
  • Squeeze out the hair color and apply it to the strands with the fingertips.
  • Comb your hair to ensure even distribution of the hair color,
  • Blow or air dry, and you are ready to take over the world.

This striking and eye-catching hair color is sure to turn many heads in envy, making you look like a dazzling diva. With Colorisma Flaming Copper Hair Color, you are on your way to achieving the vivid red hair color of your dream celebrity: Megan Fox. Embrace your newfound confidence, carry your attitude wherever you go, and get ready for compliments. Your journey to mesmerizing red hair starts now!

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