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Dye Diaries : Recreate Ciara's Coachella Special "Unicorn Hair”!

The internet and music industry’s most loved and widely anticipated spring music festival, Coachella, is home to eccentric and electrifying makeup and hair looks. Coachella is incomplete without surprise performances packed with energy, and a screaming swarm of fans who cannot get enough of the artists. But in all honesty, Coachella 2023 served some of the piping-hot hair looks of this year!

Red Hair Color
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Starting with Kylie Jenner going full King Kylie with her red wig, Beck G, Saweetie, and Alessandra Ambrosio rocked those rainbow streaks. But then came 2000’s favourite pop icon Ciara to level up the hair color trend game at Coachella.

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Recreate Ciara's Coachella special, "Unicorn Hair," with Colorisma!

On April 18 marking the first week of Coachella Ciara coloured her Instagram grid with pastel blue and pinks with the caption “🦄C.” With this, Ciara officially confirmed our suspicions that it was a unicorn look, as she admitted. That’s right!

Her straight bob with a chocolate brunette that screamed sophisticated in Paris fashion week had been replaced with a platinum blonde with streaks of pastel blue and pink, which looks like a Barbie fever dream, but make it grunge or make it Coachella! Fans are going crazy with this look; one even wrote, "Keep this hair for the album and the next singles!" Make this the new signature look for this era, please.” Can you complain about them, though? Ciara is a multi-hyphenated woman of many talents, and it’s time we added active hair colour adventure after consistently serving up looks after looks. You might be wondering right now, “How do I get this hair colour?” Colorisma’s got you guys!


Semi-permanent hair color

• Free from harmful chemicals.
• Repairs hair-bonds as your colors.
• lasts 8 - 10 washes.
• Works best on pre - lightened hair.

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Unicorn Hair

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To achieve this Ciara-approved unicorn hair, bleach your hair and dye it platinum blonde. Then get yourself Colorisma’s semi-permanent hair colours, Moroccan Blue and LA Pink, and apply these colours in random strands in your hair to pre-lightened and platinum-dyed hair. Leave it on for 25–30 minutes or less if you want to achieve that pastel look, and wash it off with conditioner to rock those unicorn manes!

Unicorn Rainbow

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The coolest part of Ciara’s unicorn hair is how unique it stands next to regular rainbow hair. The pastels and the platinum add an electric and eclectic touch to a regular rainbow strands hair color trend. To create your unicorn-rainbow, go and add Colorisma’s Moroccan Blue and Pink Blue to your cart!




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