Hair Coloring Myths

Hair Coloring Myths That Everyone Talks About

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So, you've decided to color your hair and found the perfect shade that speaks to your soul! But, as you shared your thrilling hair transformation plans with friends and family, they bombarded you with hair color myths that left your head spinning! Worry not, for we are here to separate fact from fiction and debunk those hair color myths like seasoned pros! Let's dive into the truth behind hair coloring and set the record straight once and for all!

Hair Coloring Myths that everyone talks about!

Fiction 1: Coloring Your Hair Will Damage It Beyond Repair

Hair Damage

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Fact: Oh, the classic myth that dyeing your hair will lead to irreparable damage! While it's true that a coloring process, like bleaching, can cause some damage, modern hair coloring products are gentler on your locks. Choosing high-quality hair color products and following proper aftercare can minimize potential damage and maintain your hair's health. And for those worried about long-term damage and commitment, we have a great option for you. Try India's first no-damage semi-permanent hair colors, Colorisma Smart Semi Permanent Hair Color. Formulated with 3rd generation bond technology - Hyaplex repairs hair as you color and provides nourishment and hydration. It lasts 8 to 10 washes to rock your vibrant hair without worrying about damage!

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Fiction 2: Coloring Your Hair Causes Hair Loss

Hair Loss

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Fact: The fear of excessive hair loss due to coloring is a common concern. However, coloring your hair itself does not cause hair loss. Genetics, hormonal changes, or underlying health issues are the various factors responsible for hair loss. If you notice increased hair shedding after coloring, it's more likely related to factors than the color itself.

Fiction3: Hair Color For Women During Pregnancy Is A Big No

Hair Color During Pregnancy

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Fact: False alarm! While some hair dyes may contain harmful chemicals that are unsafe during pregnancy, safe hair color options are available. Also, with our 1-wash temporary hair colors, you don't even need to bleach your hair. However, consult your healthcare provider or a professional hair colorist before coloring your hair during pregnancy to ensure you are making a safe choice.

Fiction 4: Coloring at Home is Super Tough

 Hair coloring at home

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Fact: Permanent hair colors are challenging, but coloring your hair altogether? Piece of cake! With temporary hair colors, it's a breeze to transform your look right at home - no bleaching needed! The best part? No need for outside assistance. And when you're ready for a new vibe, a quick shampoo washes it all away. Try Colorisma Temporary 1-Wash Hair Color Makeup – India's First Temporary 1-Wash Hair Color Makeup, no bleach needed, and ammonia-free. Simply squeeze it onto your fingertips, apply it to your strands, blow-dry, and voilà! You're all set to rock your vibrant style!

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Fiction 5: Coloring Is Expensive


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Fact: Coloring can be expensive only if you want it to! Affordable options like temporary hair color products offer fantastic results without the hefty price tag. For instance, Colorisma's temporary hair colors - combo of 4 is just Rs.1200.

Fiction 6: Coloring Increases Grey Hair

Grey Hair

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Fact: Don't let the myth of coloring increased grey hair fool you! Hair color does not directly cause an increase in grey hair. The appearance of grey hair is influenced by your genetics and age. In fact, hair coloring can be an effective way to conceal grey hair and embrace a youthful look.

Fiction 7: Coloring Your Hair Will Make It Thinner

Thin hair

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Fact: Coloring your hair won't directly make it thinner. But, if not properly cared for, some hair colors can make your hair dry or brittle, leading to breakage. To maintain the health of your hair, choose hair color products with nourishing ingredients and follow a hair care routine.

We've unravelled some of the most common hair color myths to help you make informed decisions about coloring your precious locks. Additionally, always choose high-quality hair color products that prioritize hair health and use nourishing ingredients. Happy coloring!



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