Hair Graffiti

Hair Graffiti - An Upcoming Trend You Should Know About!

You can have personalized your phone cover, sipper, mugs, and maybe even your favourite piece of jewellery. Then, why not take it up a notch and give a touch of personalization to your beautiful hair? No, we are not talking about a personalized hair band or scrunchie (we really hope it is not a thing yet)! We are talking about hair graffiti.

Remember Dua Lipa's iconic Instagram post that broke the internet because of the blonde tresses with orange hearts and neon green stamps? Those stamps are known as hair graffiti. From stamping your favourite symbols to creating a unique shade for your hair, everything is possible with hair graffiti. Read the blog to find out more about this amazing hair trend.


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What Is Hair Graffiti?

Hair Graffiti is a hair art technique that showcases your unique personality and brings your artistic dreams to life. It uses temporary or semi-permanent colors, stencils, and airbrush techniques to add patterns, designs, or a unique mix of colors to your locks. And because of the use of colors that do not last long, you can change your look as often as you want.

Hair Graffiti

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Get To Know All About The Trend!

1. Colors


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The airbrush technique uses safe, non-toxic, and most importantly, non-permanent Colors. Temporary or semi-permanent hair colors are the go-to choices for hair graffiti.

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  • Semi-permanent hair color: Semi-permanent hair color is the perfect choice for people who want to experience hair graffiti for an extended period of time. With a vast array of intense and bold pigments, these colors also create a mesmerizing ombre effect as they gradually fade. Semi-permanent hair colors from Anveya Colorisma are the ones you should go for when looking for hair graffiti. Available in 8 vibrant shades, these ammonia-free wonders repair hair damage while delivering long-lasting color that stays vibrant for up to 8-10 washes.

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  • Temporary hair color: For those who love to switch up their hair graffiti with their ever-changing moods, temporary hair colors are the perfect match! These colors do not contain harsh chemicals and can easily be washed out with shampoo. If you are trying hair graffiti for the first time or unsure about a specific design, temporary hair colors let you explore without any long-term commitment. Try Colorisma Temporary 1 Wash Hair Color Makeup and experiment with 10 stunning shades worry-free.

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2. Methods

Method for graffiti

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Creating hair graffiti is not as easy as drawing on a blank canvas. It is carefully performed by skilled hair stylists using two different methods:

  • Stencilling: Do you remember using alphabet letter stencils in school to create the cover page headline of your project? Just like that, a pre-cut stencil with a specific design is carefully placed on your hair to create hair graffiti, and then the stylist either uses a brush or airbrush technique to apply the color. This method gives a precise and uniform result and is a great option for intricate patterns.
  • Freehand: As the name says, freehand gives artistic freedom to the stylist to create unique hair graffiti. It uses a blend of shades directly applied to your hair with brushes, sponges, or fingers. This method works great for a one-of-a-kind seamless look.

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3. Advantages

Unique style

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Apart from celebrities like Rihanna and Megan The Stallion rocking the hair graffiti trend, if you need other reasons to opt for hair graffiti, here are the reasons:

  • Temporary and Safe: Consider the colors used in the process as a sweet summer fling; no long-term commitment is required, and be ended whenever you want.
  • Unique: The process of creating hair graffiti involves creating designs you like, which opens doors to endless possibilities. With hair graffiti, the sky's the limit, as you can opt for a unique design or color.

Hair graffiti is what you need to stand out from the crowd. Use Pinterest to search for designs or create your own from scratch; everything is possible with hair graffiti.



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