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Is Hair Coloring Different From Hair Bleach?

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Both hair dye and hair bleach are chemicals that are used to change the appearance of your hair. Although this might be the case, the option of bleaching your hair is very different from coloring your hair. That makes it extremely important to know how these two varied techniques affect your resulting hair color before you go ahead and make your choice.

What Is Hair Coloring?

Dyeing or coloring your hair means changing the natural color of your hair. There are many different types of hair colors: permanent hair colors, semi-permanent hair colors, demi-permanent hair colors and temporary hair colors!

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Permanent hair dyes, as the name suggests, do not wash away easily but usually grow out. When your hair is dyed using a permanent hair color the cuticle is opened and the color pigment penetrates your hair. They stay for a longer time. 

Hair Color

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Semi-permanent hair colors are also applied on pre-lightened hair. They penetrate the core of your hair strand and typically last for 8 to 10 washes. It gradually fades with each wash. If semi-permanent hair coloring with no damage sounds like something you are looking for, then you need to try Anveya Colorisma’s semi-permanent hair colors that not only dye your hair but also repair it with its unique Hyaplex bonding technology.

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Temporary hair colors last until your next hair wash; they are usually sold as cream-based colors, mousses, hair mascaras, sprays, or tinted shampoos. Unlike Permanent and Semi-Permanent hair colors, Temporary hair colors do not alter your natural hair color. And it doesn't need you to bleach your hair to apply the color. It's basically a one wash hair color make up.

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What Is Bleaching? How Is Hair Coloring Different From Bleaching?

Bleaching is the process of stripping the natural hair color of your hair by oxidizing it. By oxidizing, we mean lightening your hair or letting the color from your hair shaft out. This oxidation process uses hydrogen peroxide, which strips the melanin pigmentation from your hair, resulting in a very light yellow hair. Bleaches are usually used to turn naturally dark-colored hair into lighter shades by making it 3–4 levels lighter.

Hair Bleaching

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So How Is Bleaching Different From Hair Coloring?

  • Bleaching strips your hair of its natural colour, while hair colors goes on your bleached hair to give you a brand new hair color. 
  • Bleaching is permanent, while hair coloring can be permanent as well as temporary.
  • Bleaching process takes a few hours. Hair coloring takes less than 45 minutes. 
  • Bleaching is damaging and will always be. Hair colors can be damage-proof. 
  • Bleaching can go seriously wrong if not done properly. Hair coloring isn't a risky job when done on properly bleached hair. 

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Now that you know what differentiates hair coloring from bleaching, you possess all the intel you need to make an informed decision on whether you’d like to dye your hair, just bleach your hair or both! So what are you waiting for? Go make bold hair coloring and bleaching decisions!




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