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See The Difference: Hair Color With Hyaplex vs. Others!

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Tired of hair color that fades away after a few washes? What If we told you that now you can enjoy vibrant and long lasting color without damaging your hair? Surprised right? Well, now there are hair colors with the all new Hyaplex™ technology. These colors not only give you a long lasting effect but also protect your hair from the damages caused by hair dyes.

Hyaplex In Hair Colors

Hair Colors

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We all love splashing vibrant colors on our hair to boost our personality, right? But some Hair colors, no matter how much joy they bring us, also come with the unbridled consequence of hair damage especially when bleach is involved. That is why our hair colors at Anveya are special. We use Hyaplex, a cool technology that gives you great color that lasts and also protects your hair from damage, giving it a sleek appearance. Infused in our line of semi-permanent hair colors, Hyaplex gives you a holistic hair coloring experience without fear of hair damage!

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Hyaplex in hair color is the coolest upgrade. Imagine your hair getting a splash of stunning colors while being super pampered. It is like a makeover party for your hair, that it deserves.

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What Is Hyaplex?

Hyaplex is a game changer in the world of hair color. It is like your hair's golden ticket to the coolest party. Your hair will shout 'Look at me I am amazing !'. Get ready for the adventure where your hair is the life of the party and each strand is a burst of colorful confetti.


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Hyaplex™ is a third-generation bond-building technology that fixes your hair from within and protects it from further damage. It reduces hair damage due to hair dye by rebuilding, repairing, and protecting the shaft of your hair. Think of it as a hair care superhero that works on all hair types, be it long, curly, short, straight, and also fights against issues like heat, environmental factors and thermal factors.

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Why Are Hair Colors Infused With Hyaplex Different From The Others?

Healthy Hair

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Our semi-permanent hair colors infused with Hyaplex are a unique product in contrast to other competing hair colors and dyes on the market because they provide you with a wholesome hair coloring experience without compromising the quality of your hair in the process!

  • Damage free: Hyaplex can rebuild the broken bonds in the shaft of your hair, and thanks to its molecular restructuring technology, you can wave goodbye to damaged hair.

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  • Color Retention: Hyaplex seals your hair cuticles post-coloring, thus making your hair color last longer without bleeding out with each subsequent shower.
  • Healthier hair: Hyaplex makes your hair smoother, thus allowing your hair to look healthy, feel soft and smooth, and most of all, shiny!
  • Hydration and protection: Hyaplex adds a moisturizing layer to protect your hair during the coloring process. This helps in protecting the hair from extreme dryness and damage that hair dyes may cause.

Apart from our hair colors being infused with Hyaplex, it comes in 8 unique and vibrant colors, and they last up to 8–10 washes! Are you still here? Aww! Now don’t wait around for us; go ahead and add your favorite colors to your cart and begin your guilt-free hair coloring experience right away!




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