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The Wonders That Hyaplex Can Do To Your Colored Hair!

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Are you concerned about your colored hair losing its vibrancy and shine over time? Do you feel that hair coloring can damage your hair, leaving your hair dry, coarse and unruly? If you ask experts whether coloring your hair can damage it, the answer will be affirmative. The damage caused to your hair while bleaching is inevitable. You certainly don't want to color your hair at the cost of hair damage. But what if we say that there is a hair color that colors your hair while repairing the damage caused due to bleaching or pre-lightening of hair? It's none other than our revolutionary Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color with Hair Bond Tech-Hyaplex, which is here to stir up your hair coloring game and bring back the luster and vitality of your colored locks. At the core of our Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color is the Hyaplex technology. It is packed with all the goodness your hair needs to keep it well-maintained. In this blog, we will shed more light on the breakthrough hair-bonding technology- Hyaplex- and delve into the amazing benefits it can offer your hair. So, let's dive in and discover how Hyaplex can add charm to your colored hair!

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What Is Hyaplex?


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Hyaplex is an innovative cross-linked compound of hyaluronic acid, phyto compounds and peptides. It is a hair-bonding technology specifically formulated to cater to the special needs of colored hair. It repairs the damaged hair bonds at the molecular level. Hyaplex rebuilds the broken bonds and reverses the damage caused due to bleaching your hair. It improves the texture and appearance of your tresses by ensuring optimal hydration and nourishment to your hair. This cutting-edge formula is curated to address the common 3 D's faced by individuals with colored hair, such as 'Dryness, Dullness and Damage'. Hyaplex improves the hair's elasticity, reducing breakage, hair fall, and split ends, making your tresses more resistant to hair damage. What more can you ask from your hair coloring product for men and women? 

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The Wonders That Hyaplex Can Do To Your Colored Hair!

Colored Hair

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Are you curious to uncover the magical wonders of Hyaplex on your vibrant locks? Get ready to unlock the wonders of Hyaplex for a beautiful hair color transformation. Let's see how:

1. Repair The Broken Bonds At the Molecular Level

It repairs and rebuilds the broken hair bonds, strengthening your strands from the inside out. It counters the damaging effect often associated with bleaching.

2. Protect Color From Fading

Another standout feature of Hyaplex is that it protects the hair color from fading out quickly. Some shades like brown, burgundy or light brown hair color tend to fade quickly without proper post-coloring hair care. Our smart semi-permanent hair color formulated with groundbreaking technology offers color retention by sealing the hair cuticle, locking the color pigments inside and retaining the vitality and vibrancy of your hair color for a longer time.

3. Improve The Texture & Appearance Of Your Hair

The advanced feature of this hair coloring formula ensures retention of hydration and nourishment to the strands, improving the texture of your hair and adding a silky smooth touch to your mane.

4. Adds Luster & Volume To Your Hair

Hyaplex works wonders on your locks by adding movement and shine to your wonder locks. It smoothens the cuticles, which in turn reflects light, adding luster and volume to your hair.

So what are you waiting for!!. Grab your favorite pick of Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Color, as our innovative hair coloring formula, infused with Hyaplex, is designed to provide superior damage repair and improved texture. This is a great hair color for men and women, wherein you can express your individuality and make your style statement, taking over the world with grace and attitude. Now you can say goodbye to boring hair colors and embrace bright, vibrant hair color with enhanced color retention. Unlock your hairs hidden symphony with the vibrant shades of Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Colors.

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Frequently Answered Questions 

1. How To Use Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

You can use this as you would use any other semi-permanent hair color. Unlike other hair coloring products, our hair color won't damage your hair. Instead, it repairs the damaged or broken bonds of the hair.

2. How Long Does Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color Last?

It completely depends on your post-coloring hair care routine and the frequency of your hair wash. Typically it may last for up to 8-10 washes.

3. How Do I Maintain The Vibrancy Of My Color For Longer?

Colorisma hair color is available in 8 vibrant shades. As it is infused with Hyaplex, it retains the vibrancy of your hair for a longer time.

4. If I Want Vibrant Hair Color, Should I Bleach My Hair First?

Blondes do not require bleaching, but all brunettes need to bleach or pre-lighten their hair to get the desired vibrant color. Highlights in vibrant colors and light brown or burgundy hair color go well with brunettes, adding depth and texture to their colored hair.




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