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Will your hair die when you dye?

Nothing is perfect in this world… Though hair colors can make you seem like the prettiest person alive, at the same time they can also bring harm to your hair, upon seeing which you can only exclaim ‘THAT’s a lot of damage!!!’ Be it hair colors for men or hair colors for women, the problems just won’t stop. And if you are a man, there’s also things to fear such as male pattern baldness which is something you accelerate if you end up introducing chemicals to your hair such as hair dye.

But problems like these shouldn’t stop us from being able to express ourselves right? To break the mold, you gotta be bold! And truth be told, your hair can go cold i.e. your hair can die when you dye… But survival techniques to avoid this must exist right? Obviously there are people still hanging out donning some of the most beautiful color combinations to hair kind. How do they do that? We’d like to be kind enough to tell you all about this in this little internet journal of ours. So read on to find out more!

Will Your Hair Really Die When You Dye?

As we previously stated, your hair can dye when you… oops got it wrong. Your hair can die when you dye. Searching for healthier and safer alternatives is something we have to do and make sure that our hair stays alive and lively!

Damaged Hair

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For now let’s discuss the damage that hair colors bring in the form of a Trojan horse. Your hair will start losing its strength upon prolonged and wrong usage, your hair will have a deteriorated ability in terms of styling and customization options, your hair won’t be thick anymore, your hair follicles will start getting rough and many more troubles. Damaged hair looks bad, feels bad and after sometime you may end up wishing that you never had hair at all!

How To Avoid Or Heal The Damage?

To avoid hair damage one must unleash their entire arsenal of tricks in order to sustain themselves… Just kidding! It is fairly easy to avoid and heal damage caused to your hair at the same time. But how do we do that? Let’s pull up our socks and get to it…

To avoid or heal hair damage 

1. Regular Trims

Regular Trims

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You can go for regular trims at your hair salon. Usually a gap of 6 to 8 weeks should suffice and it’ll help keep your hair well-maintained. And don’t worry, trim doesn’t necessarily mean going for shorter hair, it’s just a cut to keep your hair even! It is something that highlights hair as good and looking clean at the same time!

2. Protection From The Sun

Protection From The Sun

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The sun’s UV rays can be a major source of damage to your hair and unless you do something about it, you will end up with damaged hair. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and if you have to, then use a cloth to lock your locks away from the sun

3. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

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Staying hydrated is essential to being healthy as well as keeping your hair healthy. Drink lots of water to ensure your hair stays shiny and lovely all the time because lack of water can lead to lack of moisture in your scalp hence resulting in hair damage.

4. Don't Just Go For Any Regular Hair Dye!

Avoid Hair Dye Colors

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If you use just any regular hair color, it can be a huge impediment to your hair’s healing heaven. Instead go for better and scientifically proven colors such as our semi-permanent hair colors. In contrast to regular hair dye and hair colors, our semi-permanent hair colors contain Hyaplex which will restructure the broken bonds in your hair cuticles and make them hair cuties again after the coloring process and thus help you thanks to the brains behind our product!

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5. Color Protection Shampoos

Color Protection Shampoos

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There are color protection shampoos available as well that help you to save face and hair along the way. Try out our Color Buddy which helps you to protect your hair after a colorful experience and make sure it ends on the bright and right note!

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You can also try ThriveCo's Hair Healing Shampoo to protect from color bleeding and damaged hair.

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Did you just undergo a recent transition from black to brown hair color? And this change to brown hair color or any other color for the matter is causing you problems? Then you’ve come to the right spot to find solutions to them! In this blog we went over how to maintain your hair stability such as regular trims, shampooing, staying hydrated etc. after you dye them to ensure they don’t dye out on you. Be sure to check out our damage proof hair colors with Hyaplex, hair healing shampoo and color buddy to help you achieve this task and have good days ahead!




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