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Detailed Review of ThriveCo’s Beard Growth Serum

About ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum

It is a lightweight serum formulated with Capilia Longa, Pentavitin, Caffeine, and Amino Acid Complex that helps in beard care by reducing beard shedding while accelerating beard growth at the same time. It creates the ideal micro-environment to activate and continue consistent beard growth

Fast Facts

• Product Name:
ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum
• Volume: 30 ml
• Benefits: It alleviates beard balding by accelerating beard growth for a uniform, thick and dense stubble.
• Active Ingredient: Capilia Longa
• About the brand: ThriveCo is a science-backed brand that develops innovative beauty solutions by involving the latest technology and best of ingredients. 

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ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum, 30ml
beard growth serum
ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum, 30ml
beard growth serum

ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum, 30ml

Benefits of ThriveCo’s Beard Growth Serum

Using a toner ensures that residual sebum and pollutants are extracted from the pores for a squeaky clean feel. 

Highly absorbent serum formula with award-winning ingredients: This lightweight beard serum is enriched with award-winning Capilia Longa which works on miRNA technology to stimulate beard growth in patchy areas. It enlarges the beard follicles for a denser and thicker stubble, making it ideal for beard management. 
• Accelerates consistent beard growth: Caffeine activates microcirculation at the follicular level to combat the adverse effects of DHT. DHT hormones are responsible for scanty beard growth and beard thinning.
• Prevents beard breaking: Amino acids lend keratin protein to the beard shaft and prevent breakage by strengthening the strands.
• Smoothens and hydrates the strands: Pentavitin, present in ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum moisturizes every beard hair and repairs the skin’s moisture barrier.
• Increases beard density by 52%: Consistent use of this serum, increases beard density by 52% with consistent use for 150 days. 


How to use 

Use the dropper to dispense 3 to 4 drops of the product. Gently massage this nourishing yet non-sticky serum on the roots of freshly cleansed beard for 30 seconds to stimulate growth. Apply it twice daily.

Beard Growth Routine


ThriveCo Foaming Beard Wash, 80ml

 Beard feels fresh, softer and strong
• Cleanses dirt and grime
• Softens beard hair
• Reduces beard shedding

beard growth serum for beard growth

ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum, 30ml

 Reduces patchiness and improves beard density
• Initiates the beard growth
• Alleviates beard balding
• Gives full covered & thick beard


ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum, 30ml

 Beard looks fuller, well-groomed and shines
• Moisturizes the beard
• Promotes strength
• Allows styling and shines

ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum Review

Packaging Review 

• Product Texture: Light, watery
• Color: Clear
• Product Scent: Fragrance-Free
• Packaging Feel: 30 ml dark glass bottle with a dropper dispenser 

Results Expected:

With regular use, there is a noticeable improvement in the beard’s thickness. It combats beard shedding, beard thinning and promotes a dense healthy, dapper beard. 


Reviews of Customers:

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