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Bumps after Waxing

How To Prevent Bumps After Waxing?

Dr. Shireen Singh
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Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

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Whoever admitted beauty is pain, knew the pain of waxing. This monthly beauty routine that most of us engage in isn’t a joy ride and you know it. However, the flawless, smooth skin you get post waxing makes everything worth it.
But imagine going through the excruciating pain of a hot wax only to see tiny red bumps showing up all over your body after a short while? Not the best sight, we agree. Why do these bumps occur and is there a way you can prevent them? We’re here to answer these two questions for you.

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Causes Of Red Bumps From Waxing

1. Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis

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It is an allergic reaction to the wax or the chemicals that are present in the wax. Contact Dermatitis is common on sensitive skin types. It might make one’s skin itchy and painful to touch.

2. Folliculitis


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When you remove hair from the skin through waxing, there are high chances of your hair follicles getting damaged in the process. This damage makes the hair follicles sensitive to bacteria's, which infects the hair follicles and results in folliculitis. It’s extremely common after waxing.

3. Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs

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Ingrown hair appears just like a pimple. They occur when the hair regrows beneath the skin rather than above its surface. This leads to formation of small circular bumps that resemble acne. Ingrown hair needs to be treated, otherwise they might get infected. These hairs do eventually grow out of the skin’s surface.

Pre-Waxing Tips To Avoid Red Bumps


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1. Make sure your hair growth is sufficient enough for a wax session. Removing the hair too soon is risky and can result in ingrown hair.

2. Exfoliate your skin gently at least a day before waxing to prep your skin, remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and avoid ingrown hair. You can go for ThriveCo's Bumps Erasing Exfoliating Scrub, a simple in-shower treatment packed in the goodness of Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Arginine and other ingredients that helps with hydrating, toning and prepping your skin for a wax.

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3. Make sure you moisturize the skin after thorough exfoliation to restore the lost moisture and keep skin supple.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly before you wax. Cleaning should be a priority. You can even go for an anti-bacterial cleansing solution to get rid of bacteria and germs that might infect your hair follicles later.

Post-Waxing Tips To Avoid Red Bumps

Post wax care

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1. Keep an ice-pack if your waxed skin appears inflamed. Doing this twice daily for at least 10 minutes will help in bringing down the red bumps and calming your skin.

2. Avoiding clothes that might suffocate your bumpy, irritated skin will help control the irritation from getting worse.

3. Go for Aloe Vera Gel or other lotions that don't carry any strong fragrance to soothe your bumpy skin.

4. You can even pick an essential oil and use it after mixing it with a carrier oil on your skin to reduce the irritation in your skin. Avoid doing this if you notice severe rashes.

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Waxing is definitely a good option to remove unwanted body hair. But one must cautiously pay attention to proper skin care post-waxing and pre-waxing to maintain a skin free from bumps. We’re sure you’ll understand the needs of your skin and follow the above tips to make the process of waxing less frightening. We wish your legs remain bump-free and beautiful after waxing!


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Dr. Shireen Singh

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