Is Waxing Your Body Doing More Harm Than Good?

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

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In recent times, abundant ways have been discovered to remove hair from your arms, legs, and pubic areas. The options to remove your body hair range from hot waxing, waxing strips, razors, and hair removal creams to epilation. But the most trusted and effective method of hair removal for many has been waxing, be it hot waxing or strip waxing. Waxing has been appreciated by all aestheticians for its precision and effectiveness in getting the job done. But that is not to say that waxing is free of side effects.

So, read on to find out what the negative effects of waxing are and what you can do to eliminate those unwanted side effects!

Is Waxing Doing More Harm Than Good?

As stated earlier, no hair removal method is completely free of all its negative effects, and the same goes for waxing. Waxing has the ability to make your skin feel baby-soft and make the hair that grows post-waxing thinner. Besides, waxing also serves as a form of exfoliation, and it lasts for 3 to 4 weeks, which is a longer time for hair regrowth than what is offered by any other form of hair removal technique.

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Side Effects Of Waxing 

1. Redness And Irritation

Keratosis pilaris

A usual rival of waxing is redness and inflammation, which are a direct result of your hair being pulled out of its follicle in the process of waxing and leave red spots on the skin. The redness might appear pronounced if you have Keratosis pilaris, which further leads to bumpy skin.

2. Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are an incidence of almost all hair removal techniques but prevail more often in wax hair removal techniques. Ingrown hairs are tiny hairs that have not been pulled out entirely and thus coil within themselves and continue to grow. They appear like small pimples but do not be deceived by their appearance because they can cause infections.

3. Red Bumps


Have you ever noticed that a couple of hours post-waxing, you find bumps on your skin? But these are not ingrown hairs or pimples but rather just plain old bumps! This is a reaction of the skin to the wax hair removal due to the hair follicles being stressed. These bumps frequently appear during bikini wax sessions.

How Can You Tackle The Ill Effects Of Waxing?

The above side effects of waxing predominantly depend on the type of skin you have: sensitive, dry, oily, etc. It is difficult to completely get rid of these effects, but a good pre- and post-waxing routine can fix these problems to a certain degree.

1. Exfoliation Is Your Best Friend


Exfoliating your skin before waxing can remove dead skin and debris from your skin, which will make the effort of waxing much easier and also help all your hairs point in the right direction. We suggest you check out ThriveCo Bumps Eraser Exfoliating Scrub , which provides effective results in eliminating keratosis pilaris, strawberry legs, chicken skin, and ingrown hair, helping you to achieve that irresistibly touchable skin!

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2. Moisturizing Is A Must!


Post-waxing, it is never a good idea to leave your skin without post-waxing care because it is a recipe for dryness and irritation, so slather yourself up with a body lotion and wear loose-fitting clothes to reduce redness and irritation.

Waxing is considered by many to be an exceptional choice out of the line-up of hair removal options, but they too come with their baggage of pain, chicken skin, strawberry legs, etc., but these side effects can be effectively mitigated through using an exfoliator and following it up with a good moisturizer to achieve that smooth skin that you desire. Be sure to check out ThriveCo BUMPS ERASER EXFOLIATING SCRUB to get one step closer to that irresistibly smooth skin!

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