The World Of Mists: Fragrance Wheel And Scent Families

Are you on a hunt for a signature smell that's just yours? If you have found yourself in the Fragrant dilemma then you are not alone. In this blog we will explore the world of fragrances.

What Are Fragrance Wheels?

Have you ever felt confused when trying to understand different types of perfumes and their scents ? If yes then let's make you familiar with the term Fragrance wheel. Fragrance wheel is a colour wheel for scents. A helping tool for perfume lovers as it helps in describing and categorizing different smells that make up perfume. It is divided into sections or notes, each section on the wheel represents different types of smell like woods, flowers, fruits etc.

Fragrance Wheel

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If you are someone who is looking for a signature smell then it is a great tool for you. If you are drawn to fresh aromas, the fragrance wheel offers a "fresh" category. You like the smell of flowers then there is a "floral" category. "Woody" section if you like the warm and earthy smell of sandalwood and cedarwood. The fragrance wheel also contains a mix of scents from different categories known as "Amber" ( previously known as oriental) which means it combines the beauty of flowers with woods.

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What Are The Different Scent Families?

Have you ever wondered why perfumes come in so many different scents? It is all about fragrance families. Each family possesses its own sub families. Think of them as 'flavours' of the fragrance world. Let's take a quick tour of these 4 fragrance families to help you choose your favourite one.

1. Floral


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The floral fragrance family is all about the beautiful scent of flowers. The floral scents are often found in female fragrances but occasionally used in men's as well. They usually smell like rose, jasmine, lily and lavender etc. Floral scents are perfect for summers.

Sub families are: fruity floral, floral, soft floral, floral oriental

  • Fruity Floral: a blend of fruit with elegant floral notes.
  • Floral: Smells like flowers.
  • Soft Floral: Delicate and powdery fragrance featuring subtle floral notes
  • Floral oriental: florals with subtle spice notes

2. Woody


Source : Freepik

Woody fragrances have an earthly and grounding smell. They capture the smell of trees, forests etc. Common notes include cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli. Woody scents are for those who like sophisticated fragrance.

Sub families are: woods, mossy woods, dry woods

  • Woods: Aromatic scents like cedarwood, sandalwood
  • Mossy woods: Woody base with fresh, mossy notes.
  • Dry woods: Smouldering and spicy showcasing notes like patchouli for confidence fragrance.

3. Fresh


Source : Freepik

Fresh fragrances are like a breath of clean air. Includes notes like citrus, water, green leaves. These scents are good for a clean and fresh feel. More often used in men's fragrances than women.

Sub families are: Aromatic, citrus, green, water

  • Aromatic: Fresh herbs mixed with scents like lavender and rosemary
  • Citrus: Known for zesty notes like lemon etc, providing freshness
  • Green: Fragrance that has the essence of leaves and grass.
  • Water: Scents of sea breezes and oceans.

4. Oriental


Source : Freepik

This family includes rich, warm, and exotic scents. They often contain notes of vanilla, amber and spices. These fragrances can be seductive and sensual making them suitable for evening wear and special occasions.

Sub families: Soft oriental, Oriental, Woody oriental

  • Soft oriental: Warm and delicate fragrance
  • Oriental: Sweet and warm notes like vanilla and cinnamon
  • Woody oriental: Earthly notes mixed with spicy sweet notes

Fragrances from our collection you'll fall instantly for!

Let's explore Anveya's great collection of fragrances:

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1. Slide Into My DMs Mist


Introducing 'Slide into My DMs,' a scent that has cherry blossom, mimosa, jasmine, and sandalwood. A combination of fresh spring blooms with the woody notes. It is designed for young women who are eager to explore new adventures, like the thrill of sliding into the DMs.

2. 2AM Hookup Mist


Discover '2AM Hookup,' seductive fragrance a perfect blend of musky rose, powdery woods, patchouli, warmth spice, fruity smell, amber, floral elegance, and sweetness, making it irresistible. '2AM Hookup' is a beautifully designed scent, it invites you to explore the sultry possibilities of the night.

3. Please Hesitate To Reach Mist


Introducing 'Please Hesitate to Reach', a mixture of citrus, and earthiness, with a touch of floral sweetness of rose and gentle spice. It's the perfect choice for daytime wear and can be worn in the spring season. This mist helps in finding your true self.

4. Can't Adult Today Mist


This mist has the smell of mandarin orange and lime, combined with the herbal charm of basil and the floral sweetness of lilac. It is a scent that makes your experience refreshing.

5. Main Character Energy Mist


This fragrant mist is a burst of energy, a blend of smoky patchouli and alluring Moroccan jasmine and rose. The smell of it is like taking a walk in the garden, a mix of fruity, sweet, leather, wood, and tropical scents. It will make you ready for the day to day thrill.

Who wouldn't like to be complimented for smelling great? Enjoy receiving these compliments and empower yourself by finding your signature scent.





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