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Why Go For Gold In Skincare?

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

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The Golden Experience Requiem for skincare is… using gold in your skincare. You heard us correct… Gold in skincare. But how is using gold going to do one any good? And can you even put gold in skincare products such as a face cleanser, a face serum or something?

“But the thought of gold in skincare is just preposterous… How can you add it into your skincare, let alone make it worth our time to actually use something this expensive?” All good questions coming from you guys but that’s what we are here to answer!

Gold in skincare is actually very useful and has many applications in skincare! Anti-ageing, coolness, shining properties are just a few to name… Now since this blog is here to let you know of what they are, that’s what we’ll actually do. So buckle up buckaroo as we introduce you to the true golden experience in your skin routine! That’s right, hold gold to break the mould!!!

What Are The Benefits Of Gold-Infused Skincare?

Gold-Infused Skincare

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Some of the benefits of gold in skincare are…

1. Anti-Ageing

Many may not know this but gold is something that actually has anti-ageing properties. Try going for a normal Vitamin C Serum and it’ll work, yes. But go for a Vitamin C Serum with gold and bam! The anti-ageing combo of vitamin c along with gold is so good that wrinkles might as well just forget the thought of ever appearing on your face. This is because both vitamin c and gold help in increasing the skin’s collagen production and together they work wonders for your skin to glow and beam. You won’t look old as long as you have gold!

2. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Do you have sensitive or irritated skin? You may have gone for a face cleanser or a face serum after searching for the best face wash for men or best face wash for women on the internet but even after getting it, the redness and inflammation isn’t going away? Look no further but for gold in these products. Gold has amazing anti-inflammatory problems so if you are facing these, you needn’t worry anymore!!! Though heat can melt gold in real life, in skin care this won’t be a problem as this time gold will beat the heat.

3. Better Product Absorption By Skin

Your skin may or may not be yielding results after you just got your hands on the face wash serums you ordered. It might be possible that your skin just doesn’t like all those ingredients and isn’t really compatible with them. You know a face wash won’t really work and want something to get results and allow your skin to be compatible with them… To give your skin the nudge it needs, try to introduce gold in your skin care routine. Gold will help increase the skin permeability and thus allow your skin to be better penetrated by these compounds. So not only is gold a good skin enhancer, it is also a product enhancer and hence it simultaneously keeps on enriching your skin and lives!

4. Better Blood Circulation

The blood gets running when it sees gold… Yes, gold does improve blood circulation in your skin. What does it result in? An improved skin health and more vibrant skin. Gold improving this blood circulation improves the delivery of the nutrients that your skin needs. This will give a natural glow to your skin as well, which isn’t something that a regular face wash can do.

5. Radiant Acne-Free Skin

Gold to radiant… the journey of ranking up your skin to something that has to be prime experience. This is something that can’t be forsaken for just about any wasteland experience involving a random face wash for oily skin or a face wash for dry skin that is okayish at best for fighting acne… You need the very best… You need the ThriveCo Goodbye Acne Kit!! It has an acne face cleanser and an acne face serum that will help you battle acne. Foil the plans of acne oil in your skin as you use this kit to have a clean and glowing skin!

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It’s time to fold this blog about gold in skincare… we went over the many benefits that gold can bring if we use it in our skincare. If you are struggling with acne and normal ingredients aren’t working, try our Goodbye Acne Kit that will help booster gold your skin to bright and shiny. Thank you for reading and have a golden day ahead!

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