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Babylights, Underlights & Highlights: What's The Difference?

Hair coloring can be the best option if you are looking for a mane makeover. Hair coloring completely transforms your entire look. You can quickly change the natural hair color to a lighter or a darker shade, but an entirely different shade can be a terrifying experience if you have never colored your hair before. But you don't have to worry about your hair coloring going wrong with Colorisma Temporary Hair Color, as it is a one-wash temporary hair color. If you are not satisfied with the look, wash off the hair color and try another shade for creating unlimited looks. There are endless options. You can easily create highlights, babylight and underlights in 2 minutes from 10 terrific hair color shades available. Taking a few strands and dying them a shade darker or lighter than your natural hair color can add depth and dimension to your strands. As the summer approaches, you can lighten up things to uplift your mood.

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There are different hair coloring styles, such as highlights, babylights and underlights. Each of these hair coloring styles is unique in its way, allowing you to express your individuality. These hair coloring trends are the latest among the celebrity approved hairstyles. From Bollywood celebrities such as Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon, and Ananya Pandey to Hollywood celebs such as Megan Fox, and Emma Watson, all can be seen sporting highlights and babylights. These styles can be tailored according to your preference. Let's get the lowdown on these hair color styles to help you pick the right option.

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What Are Babylights?


Babylights influenced the hair color trend in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023. Recently fashion divas such as Bella Hadid and Priyanka Chopra were spotted sporting babylights. Dakota Johnson, usually known for her chestnut hair, was also seen sporting blonde babylights. Babylights are a type of highlight applied to very small sections of hair. The aim is to create a natural and subtle look that mimics the blonde tone. The best part is that babylight can be applied to any hair color, irrespective of its length. Babylights usually look more natural and are only a few shades lighter than your natural hair color. This technique is great for those who want to add dimension and texture to their hair without undergoing a drastic change. It adds luster, bounce and volume to your hair.

What Are Underlights?


Underlight is an innovative hair coloring technique where the hair color is applied on the underside of the hair. This creates a peek-a-boo hair color effect that is only visible if you move your hair around or tie it in a ponytail. This technique works well for those who wish to add a pop of color without being too dramatic. To achieve the look as shown in the above picture, you can go for Colorisma Semi permanent hair color, Moroccan Blue. In underlights, the topmost section of hair has its natural hair color while the colorful strands remain hidden underside of the hair. Underlights can also be done using temporary or permanent hair color.

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What Are Highlights?


Highlights is a hair coloring technique that involves adding color to small sections on the head. The hair will appear lighter, creating a naturally lighter shade like Halle Berry's. Highlights are available in various colors, ranging from brunette to blonde. This technique is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little brightness and vibrancy to their hair. Mostly highlighting caps are used to apply highlights.

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You can take some hair coloring inspo from this image. Get creative and try out this edgy, feminine hair style with our summer pink temporary hair color showcasing your pink highlights. You can create unlimited looks with our other vibrant shades - Euphoria Blue, Summer Pink, Champagne Gold, Unicorn Violet and stand out in the crowd with striking highlights and underlights. Pick your favorite color, select the section of the strands which you want to highlight and apply, within 2 minutes you are ready to rock. Try our bestsellers - Disco Platinum and Mermaid Green to up your hair color game. Our range of temporary hair colors for men and women has 10 unique shades, so you just need the right attitude to carry the look with grace and style.

Babylight Vs. Underlight Vs. Highlight

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What is the main difference between babylights, underlights or highlights? They all involve adding color to your hair. However, they create different effects. The babylights are subtle and create a natural look. It creates a natural look that mimics different shades and dimensions of hair in children. At the same time, underlights add a pop color to your hair that can be seen only when you wish them to be seen by others, and highlights create an overall bright look. Highlights make the hair appear fuller, especially for thin and fine hair. Your personal taste and desired appearance will determine which hair coloring technique is best for you.

Hair coloring is the best way to express your creative side and give you a complete makeover. Babylights, Underlights and highlights are great options to consider. Each hair coloring style creates a different effect and can be tailored to suit your preference. Whether you prefer a more natural, cool or subtle hue or a bright, warm and vibrant shade, there is a hair color style for you.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. Which Is Better, Highlight Or Babylights?

Babylights are considered more soft, subtle and natural than highlights. In babylight, more sections of hair are taken, which are fine, thus creating a natural effect.It really depends on what look you desire.

2. Are Babylights Cheaper Than Highlights?

Babylights are typically more expensive than highlights because of the precision and time it takes.

3. Do Babylights Look Natural?

Yes, babylights look more natural, fine and subtle.

4. Do Babylights Make Your Hair Look Thicker?

Babylights will add dimension and texture to your hair, making. your thin hair look thick and fuller.

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