Self-Expression With Your Hair Color And Queer Identity

Self-Expression With Your Hair Color And Queer Identity

Express yo’self! Even the NWA agrees that self expression is a must for every individual. Not done properly and suppressing yourself isn’t a healthy way to lead life. And yes, many so-called self-proclaimed sigmas on the internet will tell you that it is better to keep yourself hidden as the world is bad, they cannot be more far from the truth. Because no matter how tough it can be, it is always brave to express yourself.

Keeping in mind the topic of self expression and the fact that pride month is here, this calls for a celebration of the lgbtq community. One that has come so far from the times of being disliked and suppressed, to now when they are so open and welcome to everyone around them.

Self expression with hair color

Every individual has their own sense of identity. This identity can be expressed in many different ways according to a person’s choice. One way to do so is by changing your hair color! You can choose to go for balayage hair which is a very artistic French way of coloring hair to show the artist inside you. Or maybe red hair if you want to share a fierce and bold side. Hey, even brown hair color can be used to show a caramel-like sweet nature that you have!

All of this is because your hair is a feature of your body that is distinctly visible to any person that sees you. So something that highlights hair in a manner that actually shows who you are is quite important if you too want to showcase your identity.

And now it’s time to come to the main center of focus for this blog: pride month and how the lgbtq community can use hair color to express themselves!

Hair color & Queer Identity : How are the two related?

Hair color for men, hair color for women… What are those? Today we are here to elevate above the norm about whether there is hair color for men or hair color for women. Today we are here to help and become allies to the lgbtq community so that they too can express themselves with a little help of hair color! And before you go thinking of how the two are related, yes they very much are! After all, as we stated before, coloring your hair is a way to show people who you really are and how you love yourself for it. You can pick India's first No damage hair colors from Colorisma's Semi-Permanent Hair Colors. So of course queer identity can be expressed with the assistance of hair colors as well! 

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So keeping that in mind here are some hair color styles and choices for our lovely and warm members of the lgbtq community!

1. Rainbows All Around!

Rainbow Hair Colors

Source : Pinterest

The OG Flag color combo! This is something that’ll never fail if you are trying to express yourself with this hair code. Not only is this a beautiful combo, since it actually is a rainbow it also represents how despite the rains of suppression on the lgbtq were hard, once those rains ended… emerged a beautiful rainbow!

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2. Blue, Yellow and Pink Combo

Blue, yellow and pink combo

Source : Pinterest

Another great combo to go for… this color combo is usually associated with pansexuals. And if you are one looking for some inspiration regarding hair color then here you go!

3. Blue, Purple and Pink Combo

Blue, Purple and Pink Combo

Source : Pinterest

Now this color combo is usually donned by the bisexuals. A little bit of blue for the boys, some pink and purple for the girls or any direction you may want to think in… This combo is perfect if you’re trying to attract just about everyone around!

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4. Purple and Green Combo

Purple and Green Combo

Source : Pinterest

Queer people are mostly known to associate with this color and this is just about the most fun, quirky and excellent choice you can go with too if you want to steer towards being a queer. And trust us when we say, your choice of direction and color was, is and will always be amazing!

5. Grey and Black

Grey and Black

Source : Pinterest

And now something for our asexuals. We know you don’t really want to choose, but trust us when we ask you to choose this amazing hair color. Just as cynic but as cool as a winter, this color style is a really good one!

Self expression is an essential part of life. And this blog talks about that. Since pride month is all about inclusivity we want to end by saying that the above hair styles are for everyone. There is no separation between us and the lgbtq community as we are all equal. Period. All of us must live a life of love and live long and prosper, express ourselves healthily and love each other. Ending on a positive note, we’d like to say “Happy Pride Month” and hope you have a good one :)




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