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Pick A Hair Color That Fits Your Aesthetic!

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Generation Z has officially become the generation that has generated a lifetime's worth of fashion and hairstyle trends that we are sure will outlive the vastness of their generation. But a core trend among this generation’s teenagers is to embody themselves as an aesthetic. A few very famous ones include; the ‘That girl aesthetic, E-girl aesthetic, E-boy aesthetic farm girl aesthetic and many other countless aesthetics if you find yourself in one of these aesthetics we suggest you read on to discover what hair color reflects your aesthetic the best!

Pick The Hair Color That Matches Your Aesthetic!

1. The E-girl Aesthetic

Northern Neon                            Moroccan Blue      
Source : Pinterest

To successfully get those likes on your Instagram by embodying the E-girl aesthetic, a significant part of you must incorporate a bright, funky, duo-hair color, two pigtails, butterfly hair clips, and last but not least, anime-inspired makeup! If you are an E-girl yourself we recommend you try two of the most jolting hair colors of Anveya Colorisma semi-permanent hair color range; Northern Neon and Moroccan Blue. As you can see in our first reference you can color face framing pieces in Northern Neon for a striking and sharp look. But on the other hand, if you wanna appear more somber and channel your inner Jade West from Nickelodeon’s Victorious then go for Moroccan blue a color of perceived depth and fierceness!

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2. The E-Boy Aesthetic

Havana Teal                                          Madrid Red

Source : Pinterest

The E-boy aesthetic similar to the E-girl aesthetic is an internet persona which is a modern take on the troubled rockstar aesthetic that was prevalent in the 1970s. If you are an E-boy we are sure that you currently rocking a middle-parted curtain haircut, If you’ve got the cut then we get the hair color to spice up your hair game! We recommend you try the Havana Teal for a more laid-back and flirtatious look that would set your Insta grid on fire or you can go for a more soft, soy-boy vibe with the Madrid Red but nonetheless, which hair color you choose we are sure that you E-boy persona is gonna blow up!

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3. Euphoria Aesthetic

Purple Hair Color    L.A Pink

Source : Pinterest

The Euphoria aesthetic gathers its name from the famous HBO originals series; Euphoria starring long-time Disney star Zendaya and other famous leads like Jacob Elordi from “Kissing Booth” and Sydney Sweeney from “Everything Sucks”. Euphoria just like its title has served euphoric looks episode after after and it has become a fashion and cultural movement in the social media circles. If you find yourself in these online discourse and you’d love to embody the euphoria aesthetic through your hair color then we recommend you to try LA Pink, the first euphoria-inspired look from Jules, a friend and comrade to the main protagonist of the story; Rue, if you are just like Jules; caring, warm but with a twinge of wildness and a little risky then this look is for you. But if you on the other hand want to make heads turn just like the show Euphoria did then you need to try our Tokyo Purple for an eccentric look.

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4. Soft Girl Aesthetic

Pink Hair Color     Pink hair

Source : Pinterest

The soft girl trend is another internet micro trend that originated from the likes of Y2K and Japanese Kawai Fashion. This trend treads the line of edgy and girly gracefully. People who follow this aesthetic embody a sense of vulnerability, sweetness, and tenderness. What better color to portray the nature gentle of the soft girl aesthetic than Pastel Pink? To get pastel pink hair we encourage you to mix LA Pink with a little bit of conditioner to your liking to arrive at your preferred shade of pastel pink. You can sport this hair color with long hair for a more girly and tender look or you can try it with short hair like Haley Bieber for a more modern look.

We hope you found the hair color that fits your aesthetic and if you liked our suggestions let us know how your results look in the comment sections. Check out Anveya Colorisma’s semi-permanent hair colors that come in 8 vibrant colors that can fit any and all aesthetics!

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