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Hair Color Styles For Curly Hair

Hair Color Styles For Curly Hair

When it comes to coloring your curls, there are endless options. From bright reds to subtle blue highlights, there are many options. So let's explore the different hair coloring styles for curly hair.

But before jumping on to the bandwagon of hair coloring, you must be aware that colored curls require extra care. As curly hair is fragile and prone to damage and dryness, it is crucial to pick a semi-permanent hair color that doesn't harm your curls. Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color with Hair Bond Tech Hyaplex has a range of colors specially formulated to repair the damaged strands, delivering intense and long-lasting hair color that won’t fade away quickly. Curly hair is porous, hence may absorb colors differently. It is always good to consult a hair stylist to determine which color best suits you. Choosing the right technique for coloring can make your curls look glossy and vibrant.

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These Curly Hair Color Styles Are MAJOR!

Choosing the optimal hair color for curly hair depends mainly on the skin tone and the color of your eyes. Whatever the structure of your curls, hair coloring should be done with almost care. Your hair color inspiration pulled from the Instagram handle of celebrities, if done in the right way, can transform your look.

 1. Feel your curls in Havana Teal

Havana Teal

Source : Pinterest

This gorge shade of teal green adds depth and dimension to curly-hair. The mysterious, fantasy-infused Havana Teal look compliments the curly texture so beautifully!

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2. Curly twirls in Madrid Red

Curly twirls in Madrid Red

Source : Pinterest

For a bolder and more dramatic look, choose a vibrant Madrid Red. Just like women, men can also sport this hair color style with equal charm. Make your own style statement.

3. Color cocktail your curls

Color cocktail your curls

Source : Pinterest 

Are you all for drama? This is the hair color look for you, then! Northern Neon, Tokyo Purple, Moroccan blue with a hint of Valencian Orange, this curly hair color look is easily the crowd charmer!

4. Nothing like a Neon Green twist

Nothing like a Neon Green twist

Source : Pinterest

Northern Neon money pieces can be a style statement you just can’t get over. Combined with rich black curls, this hair color style is any curlyhead’s dream.

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5. Pink & Purple Split dye is to die for!

Pink & Purple Split dye is to die for

Source : Pinterest

Yes, it’s too much. And that is the exact reason why we love it. Don’t be afraid to be extra this hair color season. No one’s stopping you from wearing pink and purple split dye hair! The combination is a bomb in itself. Carrying this look would be a queen's job.

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6. Fire-y Orange on black curls? Yes please!

Fire-y Orange on black curls

Source : Pinterest

Add a touch of glitter and glam to your curls with Valencian orange. The gorgeous metallic sheen when light falls on these hair strands are just magnificent. This hair color is a sure-shot way of carrying the main character energy.

7. Blow them away in blue black curls

blue black curls

Source : Pinterest

The blue and black combination on curls is one to watch. It is casual, yet a statement. It is unignorable, but not scroll stopping, in a good way! Blue black hair color is suitable for anybody.

Curly hair is unique and has a grace of its own. You can up your hair coloring game by adding some warm, vibrant and fun-filled colors to your curls. This way you can spice up your curls. Just ensure that you choose a semi-permanent hair color that compliments your skin tone and hair type.




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