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Peekaboo Hair Color

It's True : These Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas Are Taking Over 2024!

Peekaboo! The world sees you! Afraid to be judged? Why be afraid of total random strangers huh? When you have these fantastic peekaboo hair color ideas to set you apart from the crowd and everyone to marvel at, there is nothing to be scared of. A very fun, unique and trending style these days, splash those hair colors on that highlights hair in a way that you can’t even begin to imagine, how astounding it is! Also be it, hair color for women or hair color for men, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you rock that style and make it your own. So what is the peekaboo style? This style is basically applying hair colors to the bottom layer of your hair so that when you or someone else runs their fingers through your hair and the color beneath sort of “peeks” out. Seems like the real you is also just a peek away to light everyone’s eyes up… If you’re scared, don’t be. Most hairstylists recommend Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color with Hair Bonding Tech Hyaplex. It not only colors your hair but also repairs damaged strands, ensuring a damage-free and hassle-free hair coloring experience.

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Let this blog on the internet guide you through the various peekaboo styles you can use to present you. So less go and get it!

Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas For 2024!

Are the peekaboo hair color ideas trending? It’s true… people love peekaboo! So a currently in fashion hairstyle that also looks good? Time to delve into how you can make it work

1. Tweak it with Orange 

Orange Hair

Source : Pinterest

The Orange peekaboo underlights really highlights hair color in a sophisticated, unique and chic fashion. The layer of orange that emerges from your hair just brings out the perfect amount of cool person energy along with a subtle amount of suave! 

2. Raise the bar, go Red!

Source : Pinterest

Red is a savage color. If you want a color that highlights hair in an amazing and badass fashion it’s this hair style. Perfect for people who refuse to play safe with their hair color. Hair coloring is self expression. Some people are too cool to go with safe brown hair colors!

3. A Pink- Purple Gala

Pink Highlights

Source : Pinterest

Pink has always given off a very cute-lovely vibe. Pink with purple is just amazing and beyond! And what if we told that this look is exactly something that will help pull off the most stay in limelight aesthetic. Yup, let your hair be the cotton candy in the fair that everyone just wants! You know what you need to carry this look - Colorisma L.A. Pink and Tokyo Purple!

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4. Seal it with Teal Blue 

Azure Blue Highlights

Source : Pinterest

Stay frosty, stay cool and be the one to rule! That’s the icy look we got going on for us with the Azure Blue highlights. Want to send down chills through the people who may not like you? Or perhaps be even cooler than everyone else. Then it’s true, Azure blue is meant for you! Grab Colorisma Moroccan Blue to achieve the look in no time!

5. The Neon Green hype!

Source : Pinterest

A bit of gold and rose to truly enrich your hair and your day. The true golden experience that not many styles can provide this is one that will indeed leave everyone pulling their hair out and trying to be just like you! So be the golden girl with the roses scattered and hearts broken all around with this one. L.A.Pink awaits you!

6. A Bob with Lavender 

Bob Cut with Lavender Highlights

Source : Pinterest

That burgundy hair color wore out on you and perhaps you want to try and get something new but in a Tokyo purplish range only? This style was meant just for you then. Adding a new layer of mystique that emerges from your hair, hair’s your chance to be who you really want to be!

7. Dare to go rainbow?

Rainbow Highlights

Source : Pinterest

Raindrops are falling on my head… Or was it rainbows are falling on my head?This hair color style is your perfect pairing with which you can show that you are really daring. Daring to try something new and fun that is! A mash up of Valencian Orange, L.A. Pink, Cairo Yellow, Moroccan Blue, Tokyo Purple and Northern Neon is what you'll need to bring this look to life. 

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8. Heal in teal green!

Green Highlights

Source : Pinterest

People love lush greenery and the beautiful nature around them. It’s really because green is a symbol of life and renewal. The birth of something new. So, in the energized spirit of life all around lets go green and be everyone’s dream! Get that Havana Teal, we know what you need. 

Peekaboo! It’s us again. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that it provided some information about Peekaboo styles you could go for. It’s a really great choice for hair colors and you can really own the show with them. Be sure to stay tuned in for more!



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